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The has revealed “serious deficiencies” at the Norwegian frigates – NRK

the Problem is the lack of spare parts, staffing and training. It makes that frigates do not get the operational ability of the Parliament assumed when they in their time did the investment of 19 billion. The parliament has not received what they were promised, ” says riksrevisor Per-Kristian Foss of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Riksrevisjonens examination of the fregattvåpenets operational capability concludes that the five frigates of the fridtjof Nansen-class “major weaknesses” and “serious deficiencies”.

This is the frigates that will be central to solving Military tasks in military conflicts and war.

– Cannibalisation

on Tuesday at 12 delivered Beyond a ugradert a summary of the report “Riksrevisjonens examination of the fregattvåpenets operational capability”.

CRITICAL: Riksrevisor Per-Kristian Foss was crystal clear in his criticism of the ministry of Defence and fregattflåten at today’s press conference.

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– It is so bad that they take parts out of one ship to use it on another. It is what in the Armed forces is called cannibalisation, and it is begredelig reading, ” says Foss of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Beyond is clear on who is responsible:

the ministry of Defence and the chief of staff has a responsibility to resolve the situation that is encountered, struck The firm at today’s press conference.

Exempt from public disclosure

The classified report, which the summary is based, was submitted to Parliament in June 2016. But many of the elected officials didn’t see it because the content was classified. Beyond was asked to consider avgradering, and announced Tuesday a avgradert summary in collaboration with the ministry of Defence.

I note also that there has been a slippage in what the ministry of Defence believes must be excluded from the public with regard to the nation’s security, said the Waterfall at the press conference.

Facing the NRK elaborates riksrevisoren their dissatisfaction with this concealment.

It has not been easy to make these surveys public. Most of this wanted the Armed forces and the Defence ministry that should be kept away from the public, but by order from the Parliament, we have worked in a half a year to make more information available. That we have succeeded with, after agreement with the ministry.

Four key finding

The ugraderte version summarizes the four key finding:

  • the Navy has a fregattvåpen with lower operational capability than provided by the Parliament.
  • Reservedelsforvaltningen weakens fregattenes operational ability.
  • Backlog in the maintenance of the frigates could impair the operational ability.
  • There are weaknesses in the overall performance information to the ministry.

TO SYRIA: The Norwegian ” Helge Ingstad sailed in 2014 from the Cyprus to the waters off Syria to escort lasteskipene, which will transport the chemical weapons out of Syria for destruction.

Beyond concludes in his report that the frigates do not have the overall operational capability that Parliament has provided.

It is furthermore emphasised that the five boats are in different condition, but that it is found weaknesses in all five.

– This is serious, ” says Foss.

questions from NRK about what is the main reason for the deficiencies, answer the Waterfall the following:

the Main reason lies in the fact that frigates need a regular overhaul, and that access to spare parts is inadequate. In addition, bemanningsproblemer.

Foss also received questions from the TV 2 if it will damage the nation’s security if the details of these deficiencies were known.

– In general terms, so one can say it so yes, the black Waterfall.

Criticize the ministry of Defence

The shows proposition no. 65 (1998-99), which states that frigates play a key role in order to be able to solve Military tasks in war:

“The new frigates will be first and foremost be able to ensure vital parts along the coast for sea transport of national and allied forces, reinforcements and supplies. Frigates should be able to deter and defeat submarines, but also need to have a certain ability to defend against other ships and planes.”

But Beyond conclude therefore with that fregattvåpenet does not live up to these requirements, and states that the Ministry follow-up is “objectionable”:

“It is objectionable that the ministry of Defence has not sufficiently ensured the balance between mission and resources available in the Armed forces as provided by the foreign and forsvarskomiteen”, concludes the report.

The five frigates of the fridtjof Nansen-class, which is central to solving Military tasks in military conflicts and war, shall also be equipped with NH90 helicopters.

MISSING: Frigates should be equipped with NH90 helicopters, but these will be in place on the vessels in the first place by the end of 2021, more than ten years delayed.

Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

These will first be in place on the vessels by the end of 2021, more than ten years delayed.

“This means that the vessels in a large part of his life will be without one of its most important capabilities”, said the report.


Beyond also comes with a number of recommendations to the ministry of Defence.

  • Improve the balance between mission and resources available in the fregattvåpenet, both when it comes to materials, staffing and expertise.
  • Implement measures for the access to spare parts and equipment that is necessary to maintain the operational ability which Parliament has provided.
  • Implement measures for the common support functions are adequately staffed with the right skills, so that these do not become bottlenecks for fregattvåpenet and other parts of the Armed forces.
  • Initiates a work order to ensure a more consistent use of terminology and the improved reporting of the results of operational capability in the ministry of Defence and the Armed forces.

– take action

the ministry of Defence responds in a press release that they agree with with Beyond in a number of the pointed out the findings.

ANSWER: defence minister Ine Eriksen Søreide says the criticism is familiar, and think that they have implemented adequate measures.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

In a statement, informs the minister of defence, Ine Eriksen Søreide that it has already taken action to correct weaknesses and deficiencies.

– the Work of improvements has been taking place over time, and largely follow the recommendations Beyond has given. The new langtidsplanen for the period 2017-2020 continues the focus on the maintenance and spare parts which the government had already initiated. In addition, the number of fregattbesetninger increase from the three and a half as was assumed in the previous long-term plan, to five in this langtidsplanen, ” says Søreide.

the Case is updated.


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