Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Søreide open the door ajar for new krigsdekorasjoner – Romsdals Budstikke

Historikerprosjektet who in five years has considered whether the persons or groups have been bypassed in the award of medals, searching for the hidden war heroes, but has created a storm with his conclusion that it should not be assigned to several medals.

the Government has set itself back to the opinions that one out from the fairness and dokumentasjonshensyn not to award new medals.

” We want to put an end to the important documentation this project has been given up. However, through new research to come forward documentation to change this picture, should not the door be closed in order that it can be assigned to the decorations, ” says Søreide to the NTB.

on Wednesday she participated in a comprehensive historieseminar at the UIT Norway’s Arctic University in Tromsø where the book “Norwegian krigsdekorasjoner for effort during the second world war” was launched. Here defended the authors Kjetil Henriksen and Sindre Weber and his controversial conclusion that new medals should not be awarded.

Searched for war heroes

They have asked professionals and the public to propose candidates deserving of awards for effort during the second world war, and the tense thus, the expectations high.

We did it that we, in retrospect, should not make up names that we had not interested us. It shows that we had the ambition to find it, or those who could dekoreres, says Kjell Henriksen to NTB.

the Authors have come to realize that it will not be the right thing to do about on the to the opinions that are made for the three highest hanging denominations of krigsdekorasjonene.

– It is equal treatment and major challenges with documentation requirements, which mean that we end up with our recommendation, ” says Henriksen.


Krigshistoriker Stian Bones at the UIT Norway’s arctic university believes that dekorasjonspraksisen should have been rausere, and that many are bypassed. He believes the man now has missed an opportunity to make up for those who fell.

– There have been distortions in how the medals have been awarded post mortem. It has gone out of groups that would otherwise also have been weak in the public collective remembrance of the war, namely the kommunistledede sabotørgjengene, but also partisans. You could used the opportunity now, ” says Bones to NTB.


Bokforfatterne stressed during historieseminaret in Tromsø that there are many ways to honor the bet. Historieprosjektets review of dekorasjonspraksisen shows that there are several misconceptions that surrounded who was honored with the medal.

for example, It is not true that the merchant marine is overlooked when it comes to decorations. They have, on the contrary, received 31.000 of the 42.000 krigsdekorasjonene that are dealt after the second world war. It is also not correct that “the Guys in the woods” ran away with all the medals. In 1946 adopted the Milorg that they did not want the awarding of the medals out of respect for a joint effort, emphasized the authors.



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