Thursday, February 2, 2017

Listhaug on the right course – VG

cash assistance can on well and thoroughly professional basis stedes to rest.

KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide claim that immigration and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (progress party) fails families with children when she is now open to remove cash assistance – an arrangement she previously has defended warmly. We believe on the contrary that Listhaug is on the right course.

“the Scheme to premiere employable people to stay at home is misguided.

cash assistance must be the most absurd velferdsordningen that has ever been introduced in this country. It is now proven, reviewed and evaluated. Last through Brochmann II-selection, where the cash allowances identified as a clear integreringshemmende factor. As we have said repeatedly here on this place: cash assistance can on well and thoroughly professional basis stedes to rest.

VG mean: “A fair immigration policy”

the Report confirms what a number of other studies, granskinger, inspection and studies emphatically has stated: the Scheme to premiere employable people to stay at home is misguided.

last fall published the Daily results from a Nav-review of the cash allowances. It in itself was so killing that we do not understand why the Government chose to perpetuate this in any way costly and kontraproduktive scheme.

Nav report showed that the increase of the cash allowances have been negative for women’s employment, particularly for those with immigrant backgrounds. Adjustment to 6000 kr. in the month of ettåringer meant that several chose the cash instead of to work. From 1. august 2017 should the rates further up, to the 7500 tax-free money per child.

VG mean: “the Need for the cash is rejected”

We really can’t fathom why the state should pay people not to make use of a public service. Barnehageutbyggingen has led Norway to the world when it comes to women’s yrkesdeltagelse. The Norwegian economy rests on the high participation in the labour market. It is very unfortunate that the government rewards people to stay at home.

Listhaugs eye opener has been “the major negative impact of cash assistance for the integration”, as she herself expressed it, when she was handed the report from Brochmann II-the committee that has looked at the consequences of high immigration to Norway. Like the conclusions in their first report (2011) recommends the selection that cash assistance be discontinued, because it inhibits integration.

It is the same as the OECD has prosecuted. When one of the three that use the scheme have an immigrant background means that these women do not come in the job. Work is the primary integreringsarena. It also means that children who are kept at home rather not be given a kindergarten places, where they learn to speak good English.

We have all the time meant that cash assistance oppose too many other goals in the development of our society. That immigration and integreringsministeren seem to would provide his primary position on freedom of choice because the facts point a different direction, is good news.


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