Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Ap will protect kraftstøtte – Daily


the Labour party want to protect the scheme which ensures the Hydro and other industrial companies compensation for high power and carbon prices. The scheme expires in 2020.

Around 40 Norwegian companies that are powered by environmentally friendly fossekraft receive compensation through the scheme. The labour party’s energy policy spokesman Terje Lien Aasland, confirms the face of Today’s Business that the party wants to protect the compensation for the next election period.

– We need to take advantage of the leeway that exists and ensure that the Uk remains an attractive vertsnasjon for power-intensive industry. We provide a clear challenge to the Right. The party must clarify what it wants to do with the scheme after 2020, ” says Aasland.

Previously Solberg-government is considered to halve the grants, but the land to retain support until further notice. The conservative energy policy spokesman Odd Henriksen says the party will focus on power-intensive industry even after 2020, but do not promise that the subsidies will remain.

– To provide a guarantee for the CO2′s, I dare not, ” says Henriksen. (NTB)


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