Saturday, February 4, 2017

The subway runs as normal – Aftenposten

the Repairs after the fire on the Subway in Oslo on Wednesday has created some trouble, but now run all the lines of the normal capacity. 

Friday night was the delays after that the T-banetrafikken was stopped by a man who ran into a tunnel at Tøyen.

The incident has clearly created problems. The traffic is going again, but there have been significant delays, ” said communications manager at Sporveien Cato Asperud to the NTB.

Asperud acknowledged Thursday that it has been a demanding week on the Subway. In addition to trafikkavviklingsproblemene lost a 16-year-old girl killed when she was run over by the Subway on the Holstein in the north of Oslo on Thursday afternoon. Police say it was an accident, but the case is being investigated. (NTB)


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