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Ask kunnskapsministeren for help – Daily


– We ask kunnskapsministeren intervene in this matter, because someone must protect the children’s best here. We react because we believe there are other opportunities to make up for the offences than to lay down this offer and move the children in the middle of the school year.

This says Anja Steinfeldt, mother of a 6-year-olds at Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden, as of a week loses his 1. class-offered in the nursery. The parents of the 16 first graders at Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden has now sent the complaint to the ministry of education, and written letters to kunnskapsministeren to get help in the special issue.

“Very seriously”, stated the Education directorate in the Daily yesterday, about tilsynssaken by Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden.

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Short time

Here’s the Education directorate noted a lack of follow-up of the school 1.-graders, as follows 1.-trinnsundervisning while they go in steinerbarnehagene Aurora and Sunflower. According to the agency has Steinerskolen Nesodden powered supply without checking that it meets the friskolelovens requirements, and gave steinerskolen Nesodden deadline to 8. February with to improve the offer. The board of directors for Steinerskolen has a black transfer 6.-graders to the ordinary Steinerskolen at Nesodden from Monday. The parents ‘ complaint goes on the short deadline from the Education directorate.

Filmmaker Records Olin has made the documentary film “Childhood” about the nursery Aurora, who now lose the offer to the 6-year-olds. The film has its premiere in march.

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In a skvis

the Parents of the children on 1. step by Steinerskolen Nesodden rages against the decision.

– This is a disturbing situation. We parents are in a skvis where neither the school or the government seems unable to protect their children’s best interests in this matter, ” says Jørgen Smit from foreldregruppa to 6-year-olds at the Stadium and Aurora.

the Board of directors at Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden informed parents about the decision 22. December of last year, and to attend the parents meeting 5. January, just a month before the decision came into force. Both the parents and the ombudsman responds that the parents were not consulted.

– We have received several inquiries from concerned parents on this Steinerskolen. We question whether the school has maintained the principle of the child’s best interests here, ” says fagsjef with the ombudsman, Camilla Kayed.

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– This is a big upheaval for the children. Having to move from friends, from a familiar setting with a familiar routine and familiar adults on a very short notice is a dramatic one. Every worker has a three-month notice period. A child should be entitled to at least the same, ” says Anja Steinfeldt from foreldregruppa.

She emphasizes that parents do not disagree in direktoratets orders, but believes that the time limit is too short. They hope the children still can complete 1. the year as planned.

– the Decision from the Education and the requirements to correct the violation is correct. Control and management must be in place. The school must be operated in accordance with the law. It is the short deadline we react to, ” says Steinfeldt.

– It is not Education that has required that the offer to the 6-year-olds to be terminated. Such a requirement does not come forward of the direktoratets decision. They prayed the board of directors at the school to ensure that the management and kontrollsystemene is created in accordance with the regulations. So the board elected by the school to move seksåringene with very short notice, emphasizes Steinfeldt.

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Works quickly

Complaint on the deadline for the 6-year-olds to be treated as quickly as possible, underlines the ministry.

– We have recently received a complaint about the decision from the Education directorate. Foreldregruppen also ask about the deferred implementation of the deadline for rectification, commenting on the political advisor in the ministry of education, Hannah atic is.

– It is too early to say anything about the outcome, but we treat the issue as quickly as we can. We aim to take a position on the request for deferred implementation in the course of a few days, ” says atic is.

Important to drive legally

Acting chairman Elin Larsen at Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden is referred to the criticism from the foreldregruppa to 6-year-olds. She has Friday morning sent the following reply:

“We understand that the situation is experienced very difficult for 6-year-olds who need to replace an educator in the middle of the year. For us, it is, however, important to drive legally to ensure Steinerskoletilbudet Nesodden for all of our 284 students. We do what we can to make the transition from kindergartens to the school to be as good as possible for the children. At school we will have two 6-åringsgrupper with 14-15 students in each. The children from the same department in the nursery, will be in the same group at school, so all come together with the children they know. Pedagogtettheten, dagsrytmen and curriculum will be the same as in the nursery, so it is much familiar for the kids, and something unknown”.

“We received notification of the decision of the Education directorate in December 2016. We considered the matter, and wanted to give the child care centers and parents information as quickly as possible so they could get prepared to the transition. Due to the very short deadline from the Udir to correct the violation (8.February 2017), we’re sorry that this was only six weeks notice”.

“We are confident that we can give six-year-olds a good everyday life at the school, where we secures both their learning environment and their psychosocial environment. We already have a group of 10 first graders at the school, and both the parents and the students in the group are very pleased with the offer”.

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