Saturday, February 4, 2017

Circumstances around Beitostølen-death unclear – NRK

Driftsenhetsleder in Inland police, Mathias Engebakken, confirms to NRK that there is found a dead person in næheten of helsesportsenteret on Tuesday.

the Red Cross drove the search for a missing person and made a discovery. The varselt the police who eventually came to the place.

May be the missing person

Police will not say anything about the dead person is the missing of the Red Cross sought after, but will not exclude it. A man in 40s has been missing since little christmas eve last year.

– It is tempting to believe that there is a relationship between the deceased and the missing, says Engebakken.

The deceased shall obduseres and the police are now working to find the identity. Police will not say if the death is due to anything criminal.

We are now working further with krimteknikere to do the necessary research, says Engebakken.

the Family of the person that is missed is notified about the discovery.

Should obduseres

the Identity of the dead person is not ready. The police have therefore asked about the autopsy.

” What we’re working on now is to bring the identity established.

Police commend the Red Cross for the job they have done both in the day and earlier in connection with the search.


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