Friday, February 3, 2017

– The great danger for the airport-strike – NRK

From the Sunday 5. February can bakkeansatte at Flesland, Sola, Værnes and Bodø be taken out in the strike.

I’m not optimistic anymore. There is a great danger for the strike, says forhandlingsleder in the union, Junit, Bente Ørberg.

the Union Junit to negotiate with Riksmegleren Saturday, and at the break in the negotiations, will bakkeansatte taken out in the strike, says Avinor.

There is talk about the employees in the check-in and boarding, primarily for SAS and Widerøe, which can be taken out in the strike. A total of 154 employees can be taken out.

Should check in advance

Junit believe that the workers have had to settle for low settlement in the last few years, and is far behind society at large. The members now want to put your foot down, writes the union in a press release.

It has for many years been low-wage for employees who work on the ground. We will not have konkurranseforskjell, but have it equally to all in this group, ” says Ørberg.

This can have consequences for air traffic.

SAS passengers must meet which normal, however, we recommend that you use an automated solution and has checked in advance. There are a limited number of employees on the job, ” says Knut Morten Johansen, managing director in SAS.

Accusations SAS to plan streikebryteri

Johansen in SAS say that they can be taken out on strike are employed in Widerøe Ground Action.

When the SAS will deal with its own aircraft during a possible strike, they will take into its own ground staff, who are not an employee of Widerøe, Ground Action, and thus also not covered by the strike.

– We plan in spite of any strikes to carry out our flyprogram as normal. On those drives, especially Trondhiem and Bodo, we will reinforce our own personnel to take care of the services that we are going to have to get in place to get the planes to go normally. , says Knut Morten Johansen, managing director in SAS.

It believes the union that it is streikebryteri.

” I was optimistic up until two days ago, when we heard that the SAS Ground Action at Gardermoen have written e-mails to the staff, and said that they are going to order people around on the stations where the Wideroe Ground Service now strikes, if people do not voluntarily go. We experience it as incredibly provocative and that streikebryteri. When they give such signals, I am not optimistic anymore, ” says Bente Ørberg in Junit.

NHO Aviation, which is the other party in the case, has not been available for comment. NRK update the case.


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