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Amnesty: 13 000 may have been killed in the syrian skrekkfengselet “slakterhuset” – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): The syrian regime has carried out mass murder of civilian prisoners in the notorious militærfengselet Saydnaya in the outskirts of Damascus, claiming menneskerettighetsorganisasjonen Amnesty International.

In the prison, which is referred to as “slakterhuset”, syrian authorities have executed up to 13 000 people by hanging at the age of five, claim Amnesty in a recent report.

In the period from 2011 to 2015, the authorities in Syria have hanged 20-50 people per week in the prison. Several thousand prisoners sit still confined in the prison, and according to Amnesty, there is “good reason to believe” that the alleged executions are still in progress.

- Abominable

the Report reviews the methods in which the targeted executions without law, and judgment. According to the report should prisoners have been judge in court cases which only lasted a few minutes. Prisoners should allegedly have been grossly tortured to squeeze out “confessions” of them.

the majority of The victims that are featured in the report were civilians, and the likely opponents of the government of president Bashar al-Assad.

the Atrocities described in this report reveals a hidden, monstrous campaign, approved at the highest levels of the syrian government, to crush any form of meningsmotstand in the syrian population, ” says vice president Lynn Maalouf at Amnestys regional office in Beirut in a press release.

According to the Amnesty to the alleged executions have been ordered from the very highest levels in Syria. The authorities of the country previously denied the killing and mistreatment of prisoners in the country’s prisons.

- Syria-the images to show the systematic torture, consistent with our findings

Amnesty has recorded at least 35 different only in Syria since the end of the 1980s, the methods which, according to Maalouf has been used increasingly since the civil war started in 2011.

Amnesty has interviewed 84 people, among them tidigere insatte, guards and employees of prison authority’s orders, in connection with the report.

- Was doomed no matter

According to the report to the insatte have gotten the information the same day they were hanged, they should be transferred to a civil prison. They supposedly have been transported down in a dark basement, where they were beaten in two to three hours before his “trial”. The victims should have had a blindfold all the time.

Amnesty cites a former judge that it had not something to say how the prisoners asked to skyldsspørsmålet.

- Regardless of whether they answered yes or no, so were they doomed. This trial relates not to the law, he says, according to Amnesty.

Based on witness accounts and photos from the site, estimates the Amnesty that between 5000 and 13 000 people were executed at the prison in the course of a five-year period. Amnesty believes, however, that number most likely is close to 13 000.

- Forced to rape each other

SKREKKFENGSEL: Report from Amnesty International describes the systematic henginger and torture in Saydnaya prison, north of Damascus in Syria. Photo: Amnesty/NTB Scanpix Show more

Amnesty accuses the syrian government for utryddelsesmetoder, with torture and by denying the prisoners food, drink, and access to medical help. The prison should have had special rules, including a ban on talking and asked to line up on a given way every time the guardians came into the cells.

the Prisoners should have been raped and forced to rape each other. The public will have also have tossed meals to the inmates in the cellegulv, often covered with dirt and blood.


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