Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dream about Norway burst – NRK

In the year there was a sharp rise in refugees and migrants who asked the united nations organization for migration – IOM – assistance to return voluntarily.

Children are crying every day

The syrian family of nine was living in Karasjok, norway in the autumn. They got a house which they think is lovely, with toys, fruit and the children have got everything they need. But the family Ibrahim has it tough:

– We thought we were going to paradise, when we were going to Norway, and everything would be good. But since we came, we have not had a proper night’s sleep. Children crying every day, telling syvbarnsmoren Jalilah Asad Ibrahim.

DIFFICULT TRANSITION: the Family of Ibrahim struggling with the cold and the polar night. And they are not alone. According to the newspaper Ságat will 11 of a total of 16 residents refugees away from Karasjok.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Before the war, they lived in millionbyen Aleppo. The transition to the dark season and the cold in the sami town of Karasjok is difficult.

can not adapt to

the Family of Ibrahim emphasizes that people in Karasjok, norway: the neighbors, the municipality and the teachers are very good. But the family speaks only Arabic and feel alone.

my Children fail to adapt here, they don’t get with the instruction at the school, says Jalilah Asad Ibrahim.

the Family of Ibrahim is only one of the tens of thousands who regret that they came to Europe.

  • IOM – the international organization for migration, helped in the last year nearly 1,500 people to travel voluntarily back from Norway, there was an increase of 25 per cent from the year before.
  • In the whole EU/EEA area helped IOM over 81.000 migrants to travel back, an increase of almost 50 per cent from 2015.

    NOT SURPRISED: IN the light of the powerful migrasjonsbølgen in 2015, head of the IOM in the Uk Steve Hamilton not surprised that so many people want to return.

    Photo: Mohammaed Alayoubi

the Chief of the IOM in the Uk, Steve Hamilton, is not surprised that so many people will back, seen in the light of the sharp increase of migrants and refugees that billowed inwards Europe in 2015.

They expected to be able to work, provide for their families and contribute to the communities they came to. But here there are few jobs, and the qualifications are often not recognised, ” says Hamilton.

The new now is that many in Norway have asked for help to go back BEFORE they have received an answer on their application for asylum, and even before they have applied.

– People expect to get clarification within a certain period of time. When they then discover that it takes a much longer time, so they must consider whether they can wait so long for an answer that may be negative, ” explains Hamilton.

Not seen the sun in months

the Sun does not show up, we have not seen the sun in several months, tells the couple Ibrahim fortvilt.

They came as refugees and were flown in from Lebanon, but they had no idea where in Norway they should will be transferred. It was because of the seven children they chose to come. To give them an education.

FOR the CHILDREN: married Couple, Mohammed Id and Jalila Asad Ibrahim came because of the children. But the children miss their tent in Lebanon.

Photo: private: the Family of Ibrahim

the Children have no good here. They will back to their tent in Lebanon, where they can play outside in the sun all day with relatives and friends. Here it is cold and dark, ” concludes a sad family father Mohammed Id Ibrahim.


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