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The police used the informant against Cappelen: – May have significance for the assessment in the … – NRK

After several failed attempts at uncovering cappelen in his network, to the police in Asker and Bærum in the fall of 2013 have managed to attract a person on the inside of the the second most well-run narkotikanettverk.

Individuals was a contributory cause to the fact that the police in Asker and Bærum finally managed to get in time a more robust investigation against bærumsmannen, with extensive spaningsvirksomhet. A spaningsvirksomhet which eventually led to also Eirik Jensen, was observed in meetings with Cappelen.

– Cappelen-meeting was spanet

the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet writes on Monday that the alleged individuals at one time was very involved in cappelen in his snusselskap “Pure Nordic” around 2011. NRK has throughout the trial been confirmed from several independent sources that the police in Asker and Bærum to have had an informant on the inside of the cappelen in his league. The man, who has had a job in the leisure industry, was not arrested when the police struck against cappelen in his network in 2013.

Several sources says to NRK that the man also should have been present during a pengeoverlevering between Cappelen and one of the sentenced in cappelen in his network in the winter of 2013. The meeting was attended by spanere from the police and is one of the central events in the opprullingen of the network.

In his innledningsforedrag in the beginning of the criminal case against Gjermund Cappelen, Oslo district court confirmed the attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim that it was used one or more informants in opprullingen narkoligaen. Alfheim came in on the subject when he reported that the police feared that Cappelen had contacts in the police, and should therefore be aware of the investigation against him.

It was, therefore, conducted a closed operation against Cappelen. Police spanet on him after information from whistleblowers, told Alfheim.

the Prosecutor did not want to comment on the case further on Monday, and refers to his innledningsforedrag.

the Radio reporter Scott Victoria Meadow summarize rettsdagen Monday 6. February.

Arrested for gross narkotikaforbrytelse

After that Cappelen was apprehended by the police, to the man himself have turned up within narkotikainnførsel. In march 2016, it was however stop.

the Man was apprehended and ” I, shows the enforcement NRK had access to. According to Dagbladet the man acknowledged straffskyld for the importation of 240 kilos of cannabis resin. He was recently released from custody, and fearing now for his own safety, according to the newspaper.

NRK has been in contact with the defence counsel to the man for 30-years. He did not want to comment on the case, but deny the client his has been a informant for the police. The man experiencing it is very bad to be referred to as the informant and wants to be in peace.

Fire: – Must be investigated closer

Eirik Jensen’s defender John Christian the Fire, says to NRK that he himself is not familiar with whether the information about an informant is correct, but refers to the fact that the u.s. attorney himself was inside of it in their innledningsforedrag.

If we eventually get confirmed that there has been such an informant, what he has done, and who it is, then it may have significance for the reviews that are located here in the right. If someone goes on and provokes Cappelen to commit the acts, it is important to see what motivation they have.

What can you, as defenders do to illuminate this further?

the Prosecutor said this already in its innledningsforedrag in open court, that there was an informant involved here. Therefore, we asked the Spesialenheten investigate this further. It was a completely new piece of information, both for Spesialenheten and us.

– it Is applicable to subpoena him as a witness?

– anyone can stevnes forward as a witness until June, so we have a good time, ” says Fire.

Involved in snusselskap

Gjermund Cappelen went in 2011 along with several other to start the company Pure Nordic. The company would import tørrsnus from Denmark. Customers should even water the out the wind in the refrigerator over night, which made the retail price lower.

the Company was flushed and home with a crash, partly as a result of the fact that Customs and excise did a tax audit in the company. This led to a claim almost a million dollars, explained Cappelen in court. In 2013, the company was bankrupt, after really to have lain fallow since 2012.

– We tried to sell it to independent newsagents and shops. It was not so very good. There was a lot of track, and there came a environment where by some criminal elements also. People had put a lot of effort in this, and when the Pure Nordic went bankrupt, there were several that were acidic, Cappelen explained in court.

Gjermund cappelen in his lawyer Benedict de Vibe don’t want to comment on this matter.


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