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Cappelen in the hidden recording: – This is brutal, a bomb – NRK


  • the Case is updated on an ongoing basis.

The hidden footage was known under questioning by Eric Jensen.

the Recordings are made over three days in January 2014. The police in Asker and Bærum police district conducted three informal conversations with Gjermund Cappelen on fengselscella before the interrogations began, and before Spesialenheten was connected in the case against Jensen.

Cappelen was not aware that the calls were recorded. In the talks he goes far in confirming its role as a source or informant for the police, and claim he is sitting on a lot of information. He also says that he has worked for the police for 20 years, and that he has “solved the enormous number of cases”.

– I’ve worked abroad and have solved tremendously with the issues with the Norwegian police. I can give you names and addresses. You can call my kildefører. He we say that I is the best source ever, completely undoubtedly, ” says Cappelen in the recording.

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

today Spesialenheten ask questions to Gjermund Cappelen. The playing of recordings made in prison of conversations…

– Going to try to kill me

– the Animal must not remove

Cappelen has told that he repeatedly asked for his kildefører. When it didn’t, he tried to negotiate an amnesty and various agreements.

” I am interested in finding a solution. It’s about give and take. I do not bother to do this if I don’t get anything back for it, ” says an offensive Cappelen in the recording.

He is asking for amnesty, and says he is sitting in the “good cards”.

This is going to be brutal. It’s going to be absolutely extremely, a bomb, ” says Cappelen.

Eirik Jensen’s name is not mentioned, but Cappelen says that he is sitting on information that becomes news in several months”.

– There is corruption, there is complicity. It is motarbeiding of his own position. This is entirely correct.

– For that I should live with this I shall be well paid. He’s going to kill me. He’s going to try to kill me, certainly. The animal must never out, ” says Cappelen.

– A cunning fox

Police point out that they will say that Cappelen is trying to destroy him, and that it is all about credibility.

– Which subject I have to it? I know him so well, and I know the economy is his. He is finished, just there. He is a cunning fox. He can say that I’ve only been the source. So we must do something. We cannot afford to go bust, ” says Cappelen.

Cappelen says that he did not tell his attorney about the alleged cooperation before he was apprehended.

He doesn’t like the person he is either. It’s my card. That is what I sit on, ” he says.

Gjermund Cappelen and Eric Jensen in the Oslo district court not only did the first day.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

– I think about myself

Police in the recording to emphasize that it is unrealistic to expect 100 percent impunity, and that the case to Cappelen will go away.

– I understand. The case must be as it is, but I’m talking about the earlier stuff. They are going to say lots of strange things about me, and I will have amnesty for it. This I shall have properly paid for, if I should expose myself to this here. I think of myself. Now I’m the egoist, it is only I who can save myself, ” says Cappelen.

I can’t promise you gold and green forests, ” says one of the politibetjentene.

– No, but now I have said A. You must have powers. The better the powers you have, the more you get of me. I’m happy as long as I get something out of this. I have lots on my list, that you also can get in addition, to respond Cappelen.

Cappelen claims he is victim of blackmail, and says the information his can be verified fully. He also says that he has several witnesses who are “craftsmen”.

– The more bridges you burn, the more credible it is, ” says one of the police.

– Confirms the impression

Jensen’s defender John Christian the Fire, said on Tuesday that he had understanding for cappelen in his opinion of the calls.

– They confirm in the least what impression Cappelen got from the police about what he needed to explain himself about and the lack of straffereaksjon he would get on it. Out from that stated at the tapes, I have strong understanding of cappelen in his belief that he virtually promised amnesty, ” says the Fire.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim used parts of his questioning to deny that there were any such agreements, and asked Cappelen repeatedly if he felt he had been treated in a favorable manner.

VIDEO: John Christian the Fire of the prosecutor’s questioning and the recordings of Gjermund Cappelen.


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