Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Søreide open the door ajar for new krigsdekorasjoner – Daily


By Jens Marius Sæther/NTB

Historikerprosjektet who in five years has considered whether the persons or groups have been bypassed in the award of medals, searching for the hidden war heroes, but has created the storm with its conclusion that it should not be assigned to several medals.

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the Government has set itself back to the opinions that one out from the fairness and dokumentasjonshensyn not to award new medals.

– We want to put an end to the important documentation this project has been given up. However, through new research to come forward documentation to change this picture, should not the door be closed in order that it can be assigned to the decorations, ” says Søreide to the NTB.

Boycotted the book launch

the defence minister came up with the statement after the book “Norwegian krigsdekorasjoner” was launched at the University in Tromsø today. The book project, which is a result of department of defense krigsdekorasjonsprosjekt, is disputed. Søreide even went out and encouraged people to nominate candidates while the project unfolded. A few weeks ago came to the conclusion from the ministry: It should not be awarded several medals. Several historians and chose to boycott the event in Tromsø.

– the Wound will never heal

Historian Lars Borgersrud put in a reference group associated with the project and would provide input along the way. He and the other historians who sat in the group, believe they were not heard and are deeply disagree in the conclusion.
the Case has created a large and emotional engagement in the whole country.

– the Wound will never heal if not iniquity be corrected, stated Borgersrud to Dagsavisen when the conclusion was clear. The case has created a large and emotional engagement in the whole country. Borgersrud have been particularly concerned that the Osvald group and the partisans in Finnmark have to get a redress. No one from the Osvald-group received decorations after the war.

– inherently trades dekorasjonsdebatten as to what should be the future perception of what happened during the war, stated Borgersrud in a portrettintervju with Daily.

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Harry Sønsterød, that was part of the Osvald-group, was very disappointed when the government concluded that it should not be awarded several decorations.

– These guys were willing to sacrifice their lives for the country, and then working motkrefter that they should not get recognition. What glory have they who strive to minimize their bet? I will call it a disgrace.


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