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Decided to lay down Hordaland county – Bergens Tidende

the Majority of the region of Sogn and Fjordane was hardly, after that the Right and conservative party jumped off in the county council. Hordaland will have with California also.

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Yet endorsed the county council in Hordaland on Friday at 17.20 that the county should be closed down and replaced with a new vestlandsregion together with the Sogn and Fjordane.

on Thursday adopted the county council in Sogn and Fjordane the same. But flertallene were scarce in both places, and the enthusiasm much less than when the Rogaland also was on the team.

In Hordaland county was the only Ap, KrF, Sp and MDG (31 of the 57 votes) who voted for the entire memorandum of understanding with the county of Sogn and Fjordane.

– We do it with the expectation that we will get more and more tasks No one believes that this is the dream, but it will make us a little more able to carry out these tasks, said Tor Other Ljosland (KrF).

  • The new region its name is the west coast/Vestlandsregionen. A new tag will be created.
  • Region shall be a unified constituency from the region/county council election in the autumn of 2019. Regiontinget to have 65 representatives.
  • Bergen is the administrative centre, with the location of the rådmannsfunksjon and political leadership. At the county level and the choice to switch on where they meet.
  • public Transport should be managed from Bergen, while fylkesveiene shall be controlled from the Sogn and Fjordane. Training should be managed from Bergen, culture from Sogn and Fjordane. Næringsavdelingen to be shared between the counties.

Controversy about kraftmillioner

the Left voted for most of the points, but not the point which guarantees that the Sogn and Fjordane get to keep kraftformuen and fondsmidlene, allocated to projects within the old fylkesgrensene.

– It is not resaleable to begin a partnership with one party to keep away the billions from the other. It does not suggest great confidence, ” said Geir Kjell Andersland (V).

Right, who voted for a deal where California was before christmas, went against the agreement with the county of Sogn and Fjordane.

We were very quick to turn his gaze north when California said no. It is regrettable that the majority did not chose to take a new round of Rogaland to get to a new, powerful vestlandsregion. We do not think that this agreement is the answer to that, ” said Nils Marton Aadland (H).

the progress party will, as is well known to put down throughout the county, and only have two levels. But Sally Hjemdal (Frp) acknowledge that they need to relate to the Norwegian Parliament’s decision about the region. Nevertheless:

– This agreement is not good enough. It is essential that the Hordaland and Rogaland are a part of the new vestlandsregionen. Now they say that we will continue as a county, but with the new limits, believed Hjemdal.

the Right will have a rematch about the “new west coast”

– Right destroyed

Multiple responds to Conservative criticism of the agreement, and referred to that Right in California voted down the first agreement of intent.

– In the government and Parliament say the Right that they will build larger regions. But as it says Right in the Rogaland no, and then says Right in Hordaland also no. Then they can’t blame it on us as a loyal follow up on it as the Parliament and the government would like, ” said Rasmus Laupsa Rasmussen (Ap).

Also Bente Bondhus (Sp) accuses the Right of speaking with two tongues.

– It is the Right and the progress party, which is the reason why we do not have with us, Rogaland, she said.

Hope Rogaland is forced with

On behalf of flertallskoalisjonen Sp, Ap and KrF she put forward a point of decision where it states that if the national reform leads to that the number of counties will be at the current level, the county council that the county of Hordaland keep up as a separate county.

In the decision is also a point that the county council will primarily have a vestlandsregion with the county of Hordaland, Rogaland and Sogn and Fjordane. This can be read as a call for the Parliament to force the rogalendingene to be with.

of Course, should Rogaland been with. But we can’t force Rogaland. It can Parliament, said Andersland (V).

Fear they will be moved forcibly

– Sogn and Fjordane won the lotto

Otherwise acted debate a lot about the agreement and the consequences of it (see information below). Sogn and Fjordane will get control fylkesveiene in the new region. Also, they get to keep the billion from kraftinntektene in a separate, designated fund.

Sogn og Fjordane feel that they have won the lottery with this agreement, said Hjemdal (Frp), which also described the agreement as “fraud and deception”.

Her partifelle Their Framnes went even further, and threatened on behalf of Sunnhordland with the resignation of the entire region.

” this agreement is the more nearby for Sunnhordland to turn to Stavanger in the future, than to Bergen, said Framnes.

19-12 in the county of Sogn and Fjordane

In the nordfylket was on Thursday approved by a 19 to 12 vote to merge with the county of Hordaland.

It is sad, but not unexpected, ” says Aleksander Øren Heen (Sp).

He does not like the idea of being managed from Bergen.

− We are a different county with a different culture. Here are all spredtbygd. It can be difficult to maintain as scattered access to quality schooling that we have in the county of Sogn and Fjordane in the future, ” says Heen.

Both fylkestingene stipulates that a merger with the Bergen assumes that there is a real transfer of responsibilities and power from the state to the regional level.


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