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Full naval battles between the Right and Ap – Dagsavisen


Daily wrote yesterday, set Ap behind LAUGHED at their claim that Norwegian trade and industry minister Monica Maeland draws høringsforslaget where she gives the Color Line the green light to flag out their two to Kiel ferries.

It gets the Right Ove Trellevik to react. He believes that the Ap creates uncertainty about 1.600 jobs.

This is the Ap at its worst. By inviting the government to withdraw the regulation, creates the great uncertainty 1.600 employees at sea, ” says Trellevik.

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Stopped not Fjordline

Color Line has previously threatened to move the business to Denmark if the company doesn’t get the flag out, so Mæland now will allow. 700 seafarers are in danger of losing their job. Color Line has a total of 2.500 employees at the Kiel ferries. It means that the 1.600 employees who would lose their jobs if the Color Line moved to Denmark, get to keep it. Therefore, it is unreasonable of the Labour party to accuse the Right of, to ensure that the 700 seafarers are being put up, believe Trellevik.

He encourages at the same time the Ap to see themselves in the mirror.

In 2013 came Fjordline with a new ferry service that was registered under the Danish flag. Ap made no the things of this world in order to improve the Norwegian terms so that the ship could have been registered under the Norwegian flag, says Trellevik.

It was last week that Maeland sent a proposal at the hearing to soften up the regulations for ships sailing under international flags. The proposal gets the Color Line, which today is Norwegian incorporated (NOR), permission to register in the international ship register (NIS). Thus, the shipping company is also allowed to employ foreign crews on local conditions. There is a Color Line even as estimates that 700 sailors will be replaced with foreign sailors, shows a report from the fartsområdeutvalget.

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Norwegian workers too expensive

the Committee was set down by the Mæland in 2014 as a result of the increasingly fewer ships sailing under the Norwegian flag. When the LO-leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen has previously stated to the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen that næringsministeren with his høringsforslag goes far out of consensus in the sample, where both LO and sjømannsorgansisasjonene was represented.

The dispute Trellevik. He shows that the government has raised the ceiling on the so-called nettolønnsordningen, which means that the Color Line will get refunded all paid taxes and fees related to the ships. It makes it more attractive for shipping companies to sail under the Norwegian flag, believe Trellevik.

– We have a competitive nettolønnsordning, so that we can keep more ships under the Norwegian flag, and hopefully get back ship from Fjordline. We need a tax system that makes it possible to employ norwegians. Nettolønnsordningen is a good answer to it. Protectionist measures to safeguard Norwegian waters against foreign workers is not a good solution, ” says Trellevik.

In 2013, Color Line refunded nok 231 million through nettolønnsordningen. The company is also exempt from the lottery, which means that it can have casinos on board, and also get to have tax-free outlets.

All these great features make that Color Line has a social responsibility towards the Norwegian employees, believes both the LO and the Labor party.

– Color Line flag out despite hundreds of millions in state aid. Is there a limit to how much the government should give when the company still will flag out?

the Point is that they should have the same conditions as their competitors. Then we need to try to help them with it. We can not allow that all ports under a foreign flag, ” says Trellevik.

– So the Norwegian workers are too expensive?

In many contexts is Norwegian workers too expensive. It’s also about Norwegian taxes and fees. Therefore, the shipping companies a special arrangement. They operate in a different international market than the Norwegian business sector as a whole, he replies.

– Today’s nettolønnsordning is not attractive enough for the Color Line considers it profitable to continue to sail under the Norwegian flag. What will the government do to keep the ship in the Uk?

That, I think, becomes very challenging when the competition is international. The only answer is that we must have the best possible nettolønnsordning. It can certainly be improved, but the facility is beginning to be good.

So you want to do more of the same: give more in state aid to get the ships to remain in Norway, even if it is not enough to maintain the Color Line?

Other countries have other schemes that are more competitive than ours, for example, that employees don’t have to pay tax at all if they are gone more than six months. But we spend significant amounts of money on nettolønnsordningen; 2 billion a year.

– What happens with the 700 sailors who are in danger of losing their job?

” We have had a period of low oil prices that have provided challenges with the unemployment rate particularly on the west coast, and it is clear that we must have a focus on to ensure the unemployed a job for a long time to come. But it is important to note that even though we facilitate a competitive business, it is up to companies to decide which flag they will sail under, ” says Trellevik.

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Reject the Ap proposal

Trellevik has no faith on the Aps proposal to set the requirements for Norwegian pay and working conditions in Norwegian waters.

– It is very demanding. First, it will challenge flaggstatsprinsippene, and it also creates challenges with regard to the EEA-agreement and likebehandlingen of EEA-citizens. And so one can ask questions about why the crew who work all over the world and maybe two months on the Norwegian continental shelf, shall have Norwegian wages and working conditions the short period they are here, when they’d rather not resident in the Uk, says Trellevik.

Ap has also encouraged Maeland to enter into dialogue with the Color Line to find a solution for the 700 employees who now may lose the job. It is too premature, believes Trellevik.

the Company has not decided what they will do yet, and it is too early to go in dialogue with them about the consequences of a regulation which is now out for consultation, ” he says.


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