Saturday, February 11, 2017

All småpartiene below threshold – Hegnar Online

at the same time bykser Frp fram and 2.1 percentage points.

His fall 1.5 percentage points to 3.8 per cent. Left get 3.9 per cent (-0,9) and A gain of 3.9 percent (-0,8), while the MDG increases by 1.9 percentage points to 3.8 per cent in the measurement of the Edges TNS has done for TV 2.

the central party receives the entire 9.9 percent – up 1.5 percentage points, something that gives Ap and Sp 84 representatives on the thing, one place away from the majority.

the Labour party is the largest, but only 33.2 per cent (to+0.5). Frp does a very good measurement with 15,7 per cent (+2,1). It is the highest level of support for the progress party since april of last year, and the party approaching the level of the parliamentary elections in 2013 when they got 16.3 percent.

Voters need to keep in mind what is the alternative to a government with the Progress party. It is a little strange bouquet with the Labour party, the centre party and maybe some other parties that are going to take the Norway in a completely different direction, ” says Siv Jensen (Frp).

Right falls however more than the Right goes forward, the party will receive 22.1%, a decrease of 2.4 percentage points. Red get 2% (- 0,6).

margin of error on the measurement is between 1.4 and 2.8 percentage points, and largest for the largest parties.(©NTB)


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