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Asle Toje: – Ethnic norwegians are a minority in the future – ABC News


Number of immigrants and Norwegian-born with immigrant parents 1. January 2006: 385.672

Number of immigrants and Norwegian-born with immigrant parents 1. January 2016: 848.207

Percentage of residents of Norwegian origin 1. January 2006: 4.011.560

Percentage of residents with Norwegian origins: 1. January 2016: 4.043.797

Wednesday la Brochmann-committee presented its report on how immigration affects the Norwegian welfare system.

Dagens Næringsliv writes that utvalgsmedlem Asle Toje, research director of the nobel institute, disagrees with the selection in several areas and that he put forward more their own notes to the report.

Background: – Immigration can threaten the support for the welfare state

– Australians will end up in the minority

He turns in one of the comments stated that ethnic norwegians will become the minority in the future if current immigration policy continues.

the Report’s projections assume that ethnic norwegians will not be in the minority. The report simply stipulates that immigration will decline, without explaining why or how, type Toje.

He confirms that there have been hefty discussions about this in the selection. Although he believes that the major asylankomstene in 2015, when it came 31.000 people of Norway, can be a new form of normality.

We live in a world where there are 7.5 billion people and where there are no signs that peace will descend. On the contrary, we see a resurgence of conflicts, ” he continues.

Toje also have very little faith in kvalifiseringslinjen the majority of the selection to settle on. It is unrealistic and too expensive, he believes. Norway should instead choose the asylum seekers from countries that can more easily integrate in the Norwegian society. He refers to Canada as a greater degree of “håndplukker” asylum seekers who get to come to the country.

Brochmann: – I understand nothing of what he says

Professor Grete Brochmann who has led the work with assessment strongly disagree with Toje. Photo: NTB scanpix

committee chairman Grete Brochmann don’t understand how Toje may argue that norwegians will become a minority in the future.

I understand nothing of what he says. It is not the committee that has done these calculations. It is the SSB in its calculation is the reason, ” says Brochmann to ABC News.

Brochmann emphasizes that immigration is an additional challenge.

Immigration has modest effects for the public finances compared with the ageing population and the decline in oil income, ” says Brochmann.

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Immigration accounts for 80 per cent of the population growth

At the entrance to the 2016 was 698.550 immigrants and 149.657 Norwegian-born with immigrant parents registered as resident in Norway according to Statistics norway (SSB).

It constitutes 16.3 per cent of the population, there is an increase of 119 percent from 2006, shows a review ABC News has done of innvandringstallene the last 10 years.

In 2060 the share is expected to rise to 33 per cent.

– the Increase in the number and the number of immigrants has been particularly powerful the past ten years, both if we compare with the earlier times in Norway, and if we compare with other european countries, said a senior adviser in STATISTICS norway Marianne Tønnessen to ABC News in november of last year.

Read the full story: 1.7 million immigrants in 2060

Tønnessen says the growth will continue, and in 2100 will 49 per cent of the population is either immigrants or have parents who have immigrated, according to maksandelen in the prognosis for immigration.


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