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In 2013 got Sporveien rebuke for security. In the walking dead a 16-year-old girl – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): yesterday evening, it was confirmed that a 16-year-old girl died as a result of an accident on the Holstein T-station in Oslo. The accident happened when the train was on the way out from the station.

- The tragic accident happened in connection with that the girl had gone off the path at the Holstein station below Kringsjå at 16.15-time. She has come under one of the wagons, probably after having slipped on the ice, illuminated, operasjonsleder Finn Belle at Oslo police to the newspaper Dagbladet yesterday.

the Case was this morning submitted to the Oslo police’s section for trafikketterforskning.

- so Far, we have read thoroughly through the documents. Much of the information relies on statements from several witnesses. In a tragic case such as this, it is important to illuminate all sides of the issue. Therefore, we have to wait to take conclusions or come up with bastante statements, ” says Knut Hernes by Trafikketterforskning to the Newspaper.

It is currently not known whether the girl fell down between the side of the train and the platform, or if she slid down where the carts are connected together.

2013: the Distance between the platform and the T-banevogn at Høyenhall station. Photo: Statens Havarikommisjon for Transport Show more

In 2013, lost a 17 year old boy from Oslo life when he falls under one of the T-banevognene at Høyenhall station.

17-year-old stepped probably the wrong then he should leave the platform, and fell down where the carts are connected together.

Want to see the accident on the Høyenhall

In a report about the accident in 2013, Accident investigation board Norway put forward a safety recommendation.

the Aibn believes that “Sporveien T-path AS its internal regulations, which describes the distance between the train and the platform in the curve, should be clarified and the clarified”, it is stated in the summary.

GRID: Sporveien has set up the lattice on the Metro stations where the platform is located in the curve. Lattice stops where the curve straightens out. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB Scanpix Show more

“Statens Havarikommisjon for transport promotes a safety recommendation aimed at that Sporveien T-path AS should consider measures and barriers that can reduce the likelihood of people falling between the platform and the train” it says further.

” We’re going to look at the accident on the Høyenhall in connection with yesterday’s accident. We will see if the measures we proposed when is launched or not, and if so, which measures are taken, ” says Kurt A. Olsen, director of the jernbaneavdelingen by the Accident investigation board Norway, to the Newspaper.

He says that yesterday was done research both on station and on that train.

- Not possible with the measures which the trains are connected together

Cato Asperud, communications manager at Sporveien, says to Dagbladet that the security in general is satisfying and good.

- But it is clear that there is a challenge in the places where the stops are located in the curve. Then it will naturally have to be a slightly larger distance between the platform and the Subway than it is at the stop where the road is completely straight.

- Have you taken action in the Aibn’s report after the accident in 2013?

- It is fitted into the fallgitter, i.e. a lattice which is mounted halfway down against the rails, to ensure they do not fall all the way down and quickly getting up again. The front half by Holstein stop is not any great glipe on, but on the back part is mesh mounted.

GRID: According to the photos, the Aibn has made research on the part of the platform that do not have fallgitter. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB Scanpix Show more

On the images taken at the Holstein station last night, one sees that the Aibn is working on a part of the platform without a grid. It would be natural to believe that it was where the accident took place.

When it comes to the pairing of a train, it is not possible to perform measures, says Cato Asperud.

Strewed the night of yesterday

the Police enlightened last night that the 16-year-old girl probably slipped on the ice. Sporveien AS has the responsibility for safety on the platform.

- We have responsibility for the strøing and have to deal with multiple subcontractors. Last night I got confirmed that it was strewn on the platform the night of yesterday. Both strøing and maintenance occurs when needed. It should be safe and secure, when should you sprinkle when it is necessary and it is done in this case, ” says Asperud.

It was Siemens who supplied the new T-banevognene to Sporveien AS in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

First and foremost, this is a very sad accident and our thoughts go out to the bereaved. We have supplied wagons that are the broadest possible, so that they want to get as close to the platform as possible. This is in the interest of safety and capacity, ” says public affairs manager at Siemens Norway, Lars-Einar Petterson, to the Newspaper.

Leads didn't know that the girl (16) was run over by the Subway. Two drives later, came the tragic message

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