Friday, February 10, 2017

Marie (17) the attack of the moose in the ski tracks – VG

It kicked me and hit me on the helmet. I think I had very luck, ” says 17-year-old Marie Bartnes Herdlevær.

I was very scared. We were skipatruljevakt and should only run through to check that the course was fine, ” says Marie Bartnes Herdlevær about when she and her friend Ylva Berge was attacked by a moose in winter sports.

the Incident happened during the kveldskjøringen at the Kanthaugen Freestyleanlegg in Lillehammer, norway on Thursday evening.

Suddenly there was a huge moose in the course. It was on its way out, but then turned it up and came straight for us, ” explains Herdlevær.

Then this: Moose surprised Lena with unexpected manoeuvre

– Could not prevented it.

The 17-year-old girls were wearing safety vests and stood on the alpinski without spells. They should make sure that no one was injured in the course.

Before they realized it themselves, there was a moose in front of them.

– It came completely unexpectedly and abruptly on us because we came around a bend. We had a bad time and could not be prevented that the moose was scared, ” says Marie.

<p>Ylva Berge and Marie Bartnes Herdlevær was in skipatrulje in the course when they met a moose. The image is from an earlier occasion.</p>ATTACK OF the MOOSE:

Ylva Berge and Marie Bartnes Herdlevær was in skipatrulje in the course when they met a moose. The picture is from a previous occasion.

Photo: Private

Hit on the Mystory

It was her friend to Herdlevær, Ylva Berge, who filmed the dramatic event. The girls saw that the moose was there and was filming it as it went down in the woods.

– After that I stopped filming kicked he Marie a time to and hit her on the helmet so that the glasses her fell down. I was very scared, ” says Berge.

Ylva let out the video on Snapchat of his Mystory, where it was seen by 300 friends.

When I got so many snaps about how it had gone, all were happy that it had gone fine with Marie, ” says Berge.

See the incredible picture: Moose froze stuck in the ice

Know moose

Gunnar Nyseth, which is fjelloppsynsmann, said to the newspaper Gudbrandsølen Dagningen that he knows the moose it is to talk about. He says that he has tried to get the shot the moose.

– It is a so-called piggokse which is two years now in our. It has his permanent move in the Kanthaugen area, but it has not been aggressive before, ” says Nyseth to the newspaper.

He anticipates that the matter will be reported to the police and that fallviltnemnda are connected in order to get taken out the moose.

Stood very still

Afterwards lo we of it, but that I think was because it went so well. It could have gone really bad. I could have been in the hospital now, tell Herdlevær.

What did the moose after it had kicked you?

– It went away from me a little. And so the said Ylva that I should stand completely still. Then it went even further away and as we drove past, so far away on the side that we came.


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