Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Ap will remove the au pair scheme – VG

Ap-deputy Hadia May confirms to VG that the Labour party will lay down the current au pair scheme.

Instead, they will make a new arrangement. The progress and the Left is positive.

After so many years where we have tried to prevent abuse of au pairer, has we in the Labour party now recognises that the current scheme needs to be removed. I can confirm that the programme committee in the Labour party suggests to lay down the current au pair scheme, because it no longer works as intended, ” says May, and elaborates.

We want to replace it with a new scheme, where there will be clear requirements for the tuition and that families are committed to a cultural event, where the au pair scheme provides real kulturutveksling.

LO-boss of the au pair scheme: west end of glasgow-slavery

– Poorly paid domestic workers

This means that the Labour party follows up on the LOs battle against the scheme. LO leader Gerd Kristiansen said already after the vg’s disclosure of abuse of the scheme in 2015, it should should be scrapped. LO came up, together with the trade union, earlier this week. Sunday went socialist left arbeiderpolitiske spokeswoman, Kirsti Bergstø, out in the VG and said that she will submit a proposal opposite the Parliament about the au pair scheme should be closed down.

Background: Such is the au pair scheme

May says that au pairene can’t be at the mercy of the host family, as they are today. She wishes that there will be clearer requirements for the tuition and to kulturutveksling.


– There will be set requirements that the families must be committed to implement a cultural event. We will away from the current system that too many have ended up with the au pairene are poorly paid domestic workers.

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Against senternedleggelse

the Government will from 1. april put down the current Au pair center, as they have contributed with 3.5 million.

the Norwegian people’s Aid is greatly critical of it, partly because it is envisaged that the UDI will take over as the contact with the au pairene.

We are against that the center be shut down. Now we propose a new scheme, we will consider what we shall do for the au pairene to have someone to contact to get help. They must have a place to go, ” says May.

Progress: – Totally agree

In the Left are the Aps suggestions received with open arms.

I’m not particularly positive to the scheme, among other things, because we see it being abused, so I’m more than willing to look at changes, ” says the Liberal arbeiderpolitiske spokesman, Sveinung Rotevatn.

KrFs spokesman, Geir you have any questions, is just as positive.

I totally agree that the Labour party proposes, which makes that kulturutvekslingselementet be strengthened and that the au pairenes rights is enhanced. I have with great turmoil seen all the cases where the au pairer is being abused and that it is increasingly been a mechanism for the cheap maid. I hope it is possible to tighten into the scheme, if not I would recommend that it be discontinued, ” he says.

the secretary of state Torkil Åmland (Frp) of the immigration and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) will not conclude now:

– the Government is keen to prevent the au pair scheme is being misused, and continues to work against social dumping. We must ensure that the au pair scheme is used for the kulturutveksling and prevent abuse. The government will therefore follow closely the scheme, says Åmland to VG.

the Conservative arbeidspolitiske spokesperson in Parliament, Arve Kambe, say they are open to discuss improvements.

It is true that the further away from the Ap comes the parliament palace, the more critical is the au pair scheme. We want to keep it, but it is always important to discuss the improvements, so we will of course consider.

LO leader Gerd Kristiansen says she is glad that the Ap agrees with the LO.

– the Current scheme has little and nothing to do with kulturutveksling to do. Should people have the maid service, they should pay the normal salary, not to exploit filipino women, ” says Kristiansen.


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