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Inge D. Hanssen: Gjermund Cappelen is no lystløgner, thinks the prosecutor. Neivel. – Aftenposten

In his innledningsforedrag on not only did the first day, said the attorney general Lars Erik Alfheim that he believes Gjermund Cappelen is no lystløgner.

the district attorney know hasjbaronen well after that he was the prosecutor in the first case against Cappelen and network his in the Asker and Bærum district court in the autumn of 2015.


After the Alfheims view, Cappelen rather perceived as a repentant sinner who lays the cards on the table.

I do not agree with the public prosecutor. It is possible that Cappelen is not lying in the east and the west by sheer desire, but it is also quite possible that bærumsmannen speak false after a very deliberate plan.

the Aim may be to affect the officer, Eirik Jensen, and thereby acquire a record-breaking strafferabatt.

In that case, it is a very cynical act.

Statsadvokatens task

It is the attorney general Alfheims task to examine Cappelen about everything about the extensive and long-standing smuggling of marijuana, while the prosecutors from the Spesialenheten for police matters later come on the court with questions about the korrupsjonsdelen of the indictment.

Alfheim has no easy job. It is not to avoid that he also must ask questions about cappelen in his relationship to the Jensen – without stepping in Spesialenhetens bed.

his Questions can seem both friendly and a little critical. He is drilling not just in the answers he gets from the vitneboksen. They talk together, almost like two old acquaintances. Alfheim is on first-name terms with Cappelen: “Gjermund, do you remember this text message?”

Statsadvokatens during the examination of Eirik Jensen was of a completely different caliber. When gnistret it.

Sludrer with the prosecutor

It is when the judge Kim Heger by periodically fires up boremaskinen, that the man in the vitneboksen really going on the defensive.

Especially when Cappelen closest sludrer with the prosecutor, without answering concretely the questions.

Then grabs Heger and ask about Cappelen understand that this is a serious criminal case, not a lunsjmøte or a business dinner.

” I take this seriously, judge, respond Cappelen.

I’m a bit in doubt, I am, ” says Heger.

I must admit that I have been in doubt sometimes I also.

learn to manage

Gjermund Cappelen overthrow their hasjimperium without interference from others; he is accustomed to managing. Have without a doubt been an accomplished criminal with a loyal “employees” that he paid well.

But in law, it is not he that is chief, even if he tries as best he can to control from the vitneboksen.

– This I will come back to later, ” he says, and the judge makes him immediately aware that it is he who decides in the courtroom 250.

When Cappelen tells about the contents of a meeting with Jensen, even though he does not remember the meeting, he naturally questions from dommerbordet about how he can remember what they talked about when he does not remember the meeting?

Cappelen responds that he used to update Jensen about the situation in “marijuana-the company”. As he did in a number of other meetings.

Cappelen must answer

If the judge Heger will have an answer there and then, is it just to respond. It is not Cappelen that lays the premises for the proceedings.

Certainly an unfamiliar situation for bærumsmannen.

Perhaps that is why he is so on the defensive that he is emerging as a good witness.

for The benefit of Eirik Jensen.

Rettskommentator Inge D. Hanssen follow the Jensen/Cappelen-the case for the newspaper Aftenposten. Here are his comments:

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