Sunday, February 5, 2017

Man arrested after murder of Laughs – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

“There is a relationship between this man, the man in the 20s who are indicted in the same case and the deceased, but we can’t say anything more about which relation this is,” writes the police in a press release Sunday morning.

Friday night was a man arrested and charged in connection with the killing. In addition, the police earlier arrested a man for 20-years.

A third man was arrested Thursday, 26. January , but was released after questioning.

the 38-year-old’s death

It was Wednesday of last week the clock 12.58 the police received a message that a lifeless person was found in a residence by Les in Melhus . A 38-year-old was subsequently pronounced dead on the spot. The same afternoon to attend the sheriff in Melhus to the press conference , and stated that they characterise the death as suspicious.

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the Lawyer Tore the Smell is appointed as a defender for the man who was arrested Friday. It is currently uncertain whether the man should be prepared for imprisonment, notify the police.

Refuses straffskyld

Lawyer the Smell has only had a short meeting with his client when he is talking with Impulses in the 10-time on Sunday.

What I can say currently is that he does not acknowledge straffskyld, ” says the lawyer.

“the Defendant is in the day made for a doctor and it should, according to plan, carry out the questioning in the day “, states the press release from the police. The man is charged for penal code section 275, for the murder or complicity to murder.

the Man in the 20-years that was previously charged with refusing also straffskyld. It illuminated his lawyer Arve Opdahl to the Impulses 28. January.

- He refuses straffskyld, and think it is an extra burden to be arrested after having lost a good friend, ” says the defender.

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- Inflicted violence

According to the police, it is still too early to say what should have happened at the scene, but the deceased should have been subjected to violence. It wrote the police in a press release last week: “the Police have now received the preliminary autopsy report, and it shows that the deceased was subjected to violence “.

- having regard to the investigation, it is difficult to give more details, so I can’t go into what violence consists of, stated politiadvokat Jørgen Aunet in the previous week .

“the Investigation continues with full pressure and it will be carried out technical investigations and tactical investigation to find out more about the siktedes any role in the murder “, ” police on Sunday.

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