Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Man perished in a mountain – Sunnmørsposten

A man in the 50 years was on Wednesday afternoon found dead in the mountains above the village of Norddal, Sunnmøre.

” We got information here at 14.04 from health care that ambulansehelikopteret had picked a man for a fallulykke, tells operasjonsleder Arild Reite at the Møre and Romsdal police district. According to the police, this has happened in an area southeast of Rindeelva (see map a anna place on the side). This is in the area where the road to the Herdalssetra go.

On tour with two small children

the Man was on a trip with two small children, and at one point fell in the forest and perished as a result of this, ” he says.

According to the police the man is resident in Norddal municipality.

Has probably seen his father fall to death

the Children have all the judge seen his father fall in death and is naturally strongly coloured by the incident. The same applies to the family as a whole, ” he says.

Operasjonslederen explains that the children eventually came in contact with the adults.

- Both in the mountains, but they have also been called mother, who again contacted the CONSERVATORY, ” he says.

A omsorgsgruppe according to the police cared about the children.

Believe it is an accident

the Deceased shall have been brought to the sjukeheimen in Valldal after the incident.

the Police had a patrol on site. They have both done research and also been talking with both healthcare and omsorgsgruppa. The conclusion so far is that this is a tragic accident, ” says mr Reite.

- A tragedy for the whole municipality

This is a tragedy both for the village and the whole municipality, says a bevega mayor Arne Sandnes to the, on Wednesday night.

‘Myself’ I got to know about the happening in five-six time, and even if many know what has happened, I’m not sure if this has reached particularly those who live in other parts of the municipality, ” he says.

- Omsorgsgruppa in the municipality working up against the family, but it is clear, in such a situation, it is not so much more gets done than to comfort, even if it is important it is also.

- When we live in a kind of terrain that we do, happens from time to time, serious accidents. Now it happened again. Our thoughts go to the family, ” he says.


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