Sunday, February 5, 2017

The police will detain indicted in 14 days – NRK

the Lawyer Tore the Smell says it charged with refusing straffskyld.

Photo: Kjartan Ovesen / NRK

It confirms the police to NRK now in the evening.

– We’ve ended the interrogation with the defendant. With a background in it that has arisen, we have decided to manufacture, he for the varetektsfengsling in the morning.

the Man in the 40s is it ” after the penal code section 275 that apply to murder or complicity to murder.

He had previous status as a witness in the case, but now it has been converted to the charged.

– Denies straffskyld

Politiadvokat Jørgen Aunet.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

the Man has been in questioning with the police throughout the day.

He has given an explanation where he has explained about many conditions and their movements around the drapstidspunktet

The siktedes lawyer told NRK earlier today that he refuses straffskyld.

He did not acknowledge straffskyld, said the lawyer Tore the Smell.

It matches with what he has said to the police in the evening.

He denies any involvement with the event itself, ” says Aunet.

the Two it “kills

A 26-year-old man is also it” the murder of the man. In addition, a man it ” rough kroppsskade to death. He was released by police after an interrogation. Thus, now three people in it ” to be behind the massacre.

It was Wednesday, 25. January that the police received a message that a dead man was found at a residence on Les in Melhus. Observations around the scene of the crime meant that the police quickly stated that the death was suspicious.

the next Day was a 26-year-old man it ” rough kroppsskade to death, but this charge was extended to the murder a few days later.

the 26-year-old acknowledges to have been at the scene of the crime, but denies having killed the man.

He was last weekend varetektsfengsla in two weeks in full isolation.


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