Thursday, February 2, 2017

Died after the entrance of the Underground – NRK

emergency Services responded to the Holstein T-station at Nordberg in Oslo after the police received a message about a rear-just before half past five in the afternoon.

After a short time it became clear that the incident had been the worst imaginable outcome.

We can confirm that the person is dead, tells operasjonsleder Find Belle of the Oslo police.

INVESTIGATOR: Innsatsleder Inherit Røtterud says the police should now interrogate witnesses, and investigate the place to get clarity in what has happened.

Photo: Gøril Furu / NRK

Innsatsleder Inherit Røtterud tells us that the deceased shall have been a passenger on the Subway and gone before they ended up under the train. Exactly how this happened is still unclear, but police refer to it as an accident.

” We’re going to be here a good while to come to make the questioning of witnesses and do research on the place to find out what has happened and why.

the Driver of the train ran, according to Røtterud, moreover, after the incident because he did not know what had happened.

He and five-six other people who saw what happened is being taken care of by the crisis team.

EXPERTS: Aibn examines the place where the person ended up under the train.

Photo: Fouad Acharki / NRK

Ms. Cato Asperud in Sporveien tells us that the circumstances around the incident are still unclear.

ASSISTS: Ms. Cato Asperud in Sporveien says they assist the police as best they can.

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk / NRK

– Unfortunately this has gone horribly wrong, ” says Asperud.

He says that as far as he does not know is the security cameras on the Holstein T-station, and that it thus is up to the witnesses to clarify what has happened.

We are in the process of getting people up there to investigate the place and assist the police as best we can, ” says Asperud.

It involved the train is now moved to Sognsvann where it is left until the police have made their investigation of the train. The flight data recorder on the train are going to be analyzed to find out what has happened in the time before the event.

Shortly after the incident was also all traffic on the line 5 between the Roller and the Sognsvann stopped. Buses are inserted as a replacement.

the Case is updated.

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