Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sick whale had 30 plastic bags in the stomach – Aftenposten

BT told at the weekend about the whale that repeatedly went on the land at the palace of winds on Sotra. It was made several attempts to get the whale out on deep water again, but the whale came back and ran aground three times.

It was finally decided that the whale had to be euthanized. The reason was that it had to be sick and exhausted. A representative for viltnemnden shot Saturday evening around six metres long gåsenebbhvalen.

– Bursting with plastic bags

When the researchers later opened the stomach of the beast, it was a sad sight, writes NRK.

the Stomach was completely full of plastic. Around 30 plastic bags in addition to a part småplast. It is very sad, ” says a zoologist and associate professor Terje Lislevand at the University of Bergen.

According to Lislevand, this was the first gåsenebbhvalen that have been documented in Norway.

– Hvaltypen is widespread worldwide, but at us it is a rarity. This will be the first time it is registered in Norway. I have indeed heard rumors of one other copy in Norwegian waters, but this is probably the first gåsenebbhvalen that have stranded here in the country, said Lislevand to BT earlier in the week.

Did it hurt

According to the NRK were the intestines of the whale, completely drained for the industry and all indications are that the whale had hurt.

– There is no doubt. I dare not estimate how long it has taken before he has filled up the stomach with plastic bags. In this case, plastpartikler squeezed together up and created a stopper in the system, ” says Lislevand to NRK.

Marine pollution is a growing problem and according to the Un environment programme’s ports over eight million tonnes of plastsøppel in the world’s oceans annually.


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