Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The progress a programme committee will lay down the Police – again – Aftenposten

As a result of that we are now building up a greater and more robust politidistrikter, believes the progress party a programme committee that the time is ripe to downsize the Police and the transfer of tasks and resources to these districts, ” says chair of the programme committee deputy chairman Harald T. Nesvik to the NTB.

On the way you can channel the funds in a more efficient way across the entire country, and thus get increased resources closer to where people live, ” he says.

Would lay down, but grew when the conservative party took over

Before the elections in 2013 promised for the Right to lay down national Police in its current form. But when Anders Anundsen took statsrådstolen in the department of justice, continued budget and number of employees in the directorate increased during the progress party’s leadership, told the Newspaper in september of last year.

According to the newspaper, the directorate received its annual operating budget more than doubled from 125 million in 2012 to 275 million in 2016. At the same time, there is been hired 119 new politibyråkrater.

Leirstein: Not laid down, because we’re sitting in government with the Right

Justispolitisk spokesman for Fremskrittspartiert, Ulf Leirstein, says it is justisfraksjonen the political Right who have recorded to partikomiteen that the Police should be down.

– How will the voters believe that Progress really mean it all the time, the agency has oppbemannet with so many positions?

– In connection with police reform, there was a oppbemanning by the agency to carry out the reform. It demanded resources, but I take it as a given that there will be job cuts when the reform is in place. It is also established a situasjonssenter in the directorate as a result of Gjørvkommisjonen. We are going to keep, but either as an independent center or as a part of the department of Justice.

Why do you want to lay down a directorate you ever oppbemanner?

the Time is ripe. From the new year, there are 12 large and robust police. They don’t need any directorate.

– Why is not the Police put down already? This was in application to the progress party already in 2013?

– Because we’re in Government with the Right. They are for a politidirektorat, and this is a case where we disagree with the government. But we have chosen to not take the fight now.

Treated in may

the Police is an administrative agency that reports to the ministry of Justice and public security and is the top management levels in the police. The agency today has around 270 employees.

the programme committee of the conservative party sitting in these days gathered in Son in Akershus, norway to put the finishing touches on his proposal. The committee’s proposal shall, as to the treatment in the national executive committee, which in turn sets to most items in may.

the Case is updated.

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