Friday, February 10, 2017

Drevland withdraws from city council – VG

Former mayor Trude Drevland withdraws from the city council in Bergen and says no to continue with the policy of Bergen.

– I thank you for all the support in Bergen and will with this to announce that I have taken the heavy, but for me the right decision that I’m not coming back to the city council in Bergen, join she on her Facebook page.

In December, it became known that the indictment against former Bergen mayor Trude Drevland in the “cruise issue” henlegges because of bevisets position.

– I’m a political man and always will be in the Right. Beyond this I do not want to provide additional comments, type Drevland.

VG has been in contact with Drevland who writes in a text message that she did not have any further comments.

Solberg: – She still has much to give

Drevland was elected to the city council for the period 2015-2019, but has been on a leave from the council since she was charged with gross corruption. On Friday it became known that she withdraws.

– Trude has over many years put down a large and fortjenestefull effort for the Right. She writes on Facebook, she draws not from the party. Trude has concern and commitment for those around him, and after having met her so late in the day, I’m sure that she still has much to give, ” says prime minister Erna Solberg to VG.

the Prime minister was in Bergen on Friday in connection with the fact that she received her own star in the city’s so-called “walk of fame”, the sidewalk in Nøstegate where the name of the well-known from bergen cast in the same manner as the more well-known older brother in Hollywood.

It was here that Solberg met Drevland. That the profile høyrepolitikeren should resign from the city council later in the day was not a topic during the meeting between the two, according to america’s advisor Hans Christian Hansson.

Drevland beat the widow of the prime minister with a few years, and got his star in 2015.

Bergen mayor: Thank you Trude

Bergen’s mayor, Marte Mjøs Persen, (Ap), thank Drevland for your cooperation.

– I would first and foremost like to thank Trude for a good cooperation over many years, ” says Bergen’s mayor, Marte Mjøs Persen (Ap) to the VG.

She came into the bypolitikken at the same time as Drevland, and have known the previous høyrepolitikeren for many years in opposition.

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– I have a great understanding of that she takes this decision, and will really only wish her good luck for the future, ” says Mjøs.

Was the desired back

the Group leader of the Conservative bystyregruppe in Bergen, Hilde Onarheim, was familiar with the Drevlands decision an hour before the Drevland announced the decision on Facebook.

We in the bystyregruppen take this to the intelligence and respects her choice, says Onarheim.

Bergen Right long been clear that Trude Drevland has been wanted back in the city council.

– She has been wanted back, and she has been missed. She is a colorful and skilled politician and the mayor. She is a tough lady who has been through a lot and we have understanding for her decision, says Onarheim.

the Leader of the Bergen Right, Anne Lorgen Riise, was also familiar with the decision today.

There has certainly been a difficult decision, and we must respect. I became acquainted with this in the day. This is her choice. Trude is an extraordinary person. It is a pity that it was so, but she is always welcome in the Bergen Right. We haven’t talked about her political future on, but the door is always open, ” says Anne Lorgen Riise, head of the Bergen Right.

Drevland must formally apply to be exempt from their offices from the city council.

Timeline: See all about the “cruise issue” here

Cruise-the case began after Drevland was påspandert privatjet-trip and luxury hotel in the Venice of the nests Torstein Hagen for sjøsettingen of the ship “the Viking Star”. The police have also seen the christening of the ship in Bergen in 2015 and that Drevland tried to persuade her friend Norwegian trade and industry minister Monica Mæland (H) to change the rules for rederens ships.


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