Monday, February 6, 2017

Jonas tempts His with a “K” in the KRLE – NRK

The last few months, we have seen that støttepartiene gradually weakens its ties to the government. The citizen that we can get a majority for a policy that goes in this direction, ” says Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

With K in the KRLE-the subject and the new family policy, he believes it is possible to work together towards the centre after the elections.

We are open to changing the country along with other. Then we must also be able to listen to others to find solutions. I think the program get to it, ” says Støre.

the”K” in the KRLE

Olaug Bollestad want to keep K-a in the KRLE-the subject.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

An extended paternity leave to a minimum of 14 weeks, sounds good in His ears. And the party’s deputy chair Olaug Bollestad has noted that the K-a in the KRLE-the subject has been standing in the programforslaget. Jens Stoltenberg removed in his time, the disputed letter from the livssynsfagets name, but the Progress got it reinstated in the cooperation agreement with Erna Solberg (H).

– It is an important issue as the Sector went to the options on. Not because it should be more preaching in the Norwegian school, but to anchor our christian heritage in our diverse community, says Bollestad to NRK.

Nevertheless, a minority of the programme committee agree with this – and the Labour party’s profile can go to take the letter away again. And several other suggestions can be difficult to swallow. In the program go Ap namely to;

  • discontinue cash assistance
  • allow egg donation
  • open for assisted fertilization for single
  • keep the current limit for self-determined abortion at 12 weeks
  • open that children can have more than two parents

Unsafe on the third sex

the Labour party will also open for a third legal “hen”-the gender of the people who do not identify themselves as man or woman. When the Left suggested this in april, voted both the Progress and the Ap the contrary.

” We should take people seriously who have an unclear gender identity. Sex is important, but it is more than a feeling. It’s also about biology. Therefore, we want an account of this before we conclude, says Bollestad.

KrFs landsstyre has ruled out a regjeringssamarbeid with the conservative party after the election, and determined that they want a partnership with the Right. At the same time said Knut Arild Hareide that they don’t close the door for cooperation with other parties.

– I don’t experience that the Ap moves neither one way or the other way with this program. They take up some of the problems that have been discussed the last few years. For Better trades collaboration on a whole, and where we get most for the policy, says Bollestad.

– Much for the Better

Even think Jonas Gahr Støre that the program contains many suggestions that His manager Hareide will like.

I think it is very much, as I know him and party his. Ap and KrF have had a convergence of views on a wide range of areas, such as welfare, employment, and business. So we have differences in other areas, and we respect and take seriously, ” he says.


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