Saturday, January 7, 2017

Woman released after a death in the Tydal – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

After getting the results of a preliminary autopsy report, the police’s conclusion that there has not happened anything punishable .

the Woman, who is in his late 60s, lived in the same house as the man. She was the one who found the deceased on Friday.

According to the krimvaktleder Johan Aae next to the Downtown police station, she was released from police custody around at 19.30 on Saturday evening.

the Woman’s attorney Tore the Smell says that she was very happy to be released.

She thinks it was absolutely terrible to be imprisoned for something she had not done, say the Smell of the Impulses.

He says that the woman and the deceased were good friends, and that it was a shock for her to find him under such circumstances.


the Woman was first questioned without a lawyer present Friday evening, and Saturday afternoon was the completion of a new questioning with the Smell of the present.

the Smell says that the woman was asked by police if she wanted a lawyer at the first interrogation, but she then said no.

She felt that she didn’t have a lawyer, because she had nothing to hide. But she was very happy to get a lawyer to talk with today, says the Smell.

On the question about the woman understand that she was arrested, he replies:

– She has the understanding that the police do their work, but that she thinks it could have been done in such a way that she had released to go glattcelle, ” he says.

According to police was the woman in their custody after the arrest, but she was not in jails all the time.


Annar Sparby, a leader of the investigation by lensmannskontoret in Stjørdal, says that they are still based on the content of the preliminary autopsy report.

Based on this there is nothing which suggests that there has been something punishable, according to Sparby. The police enlightened the past that they had three theories after the death .

On the question of whether it was necessary to apprehend the woman, respond Sparby:

– that we should have control at the scene, and assure us bevismessig, so this was a legal step we were going to have to take.

It was not designed a formal charge of the woman, even if all the people who pågripes of the police are automatically given the status of “charged”.

Found with injuries

the Man in the 70′s, was found dead in a residence in Tydal Friday morning , and police described the first as a suspicious death. The man had visible injuries, and Friday night was the deceased taken to Trondheim for the autopsy.

The preliminary autopsy report was ready on Saturday afternoon.

the Man was residing in Tydal, but was not originally from the municipality.


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