Saturday, January 7, 2017

The consumer ombudsman about the dorullsaken: – Surefire offences – VG

Across the country, people have received toilet paper and invoices without having ordered it. Now ask of the consumer ombudsman the company to stop what they refer to as illegal practice.

– This is a surefire violations of the marketing, ” says forbrukerombud Elisabeth Lier Haugseth to VG.

After the police earlier this week went out and warned against fraud and illegal sale of toilet paper, has more notified about the practice of both the Consumer and the consumer ombudsman.

Dorullsjefen lays flat: – It went a little of track

Two things make dopapirsalget illegal

– We have now sent a written request to the Dragro (which has been dopapirsalget, journ. anm), to stop this illegal practice, ” says Haugseth.

She experiences this as a clear violation of the marketing law, which states that you as the seller shall enter into a written agreement with the consumer in the context of a telemarketing. In several of the cases that are appealed, have not consumers have even been in contact with Dragro.

– There are two things that make this illegal. Some have reported that they have never been in contact with the company, and still got piles meddoruller on the stairs. Others have however been in phone contact with Dragro, but can not remember to have entered into any agreement. None of these situations is in line with the markedsføringsreglene, ” says Haugseth.

Find got doruller on the door – with the subsequent bill of 1027 million

– No excuse that he was not aware of it.

She is happy that Dragro, with the chief Torry Drange in the tip, has laid itself flat and apologized for the illegal sale was known. Nevertheless, she believes it does not forgive what has happened.

– It is good that he cleans this up and stop it, but as a professional player you have the responsibility to put you into the current laws and regulations. Then there is no excuse that the supplier has not been aware of it, ” she says.

She also believes that the case, which of course can seem a bit humorous, it illustrates an important provision that consumers must know.

– You can laugh at some of the piles with doruller who ends up on the stairs with people, but people should be allowed to decide themselves what to buy and when to buy it. One must not be tricked into paying for goods that they have bought, or might have been persuaded to buy. It is important that people know that you have a right to a protection against the type of sale, ” says Haugseth.

It has not succeeded in VG to come in contact with Torry Drange Friday afternoon, as the former has promised a full review and implemented a quality assurance of the dopapirsalget after klagestormen.

– this means, among other things, that the order be confirmed by SMS or by letter. If it is not confirmed, the processes we order. The customer has the full right of withdrawal, said Drange to VG earlier this week.


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