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- They had agreed to the meetings where Jensen got the money of the Cappelen – Dagbladet.en

If the previous politioverbetjenten and politilederen Eirik Jensen (59) got so much money that the convicted hasjsmugleren Gjermund Cappelen (50) claim, how he got the money and where did he make of them?

This is the question Spesialenhetens investigators have tried to answer in the nearly three-year long investigation against the two.

face TO FACE: Monday meet Gjermund Cappelen (50) and Eric Jensen (59) face-to-face for the first time since they both were taken in the winter three years ago. Photo: NTB Scanpix Show more

After the Dagbladet experience mean Spesialenheten that the former politioverbetjenten and politilederen shall have made a number of suspicious cash deposits in the 2000s.

Spesialenheten have a clear suspicion that the timing of these deposits together with when Jensen shall have received the money from Cappelen.

in Particular have Spesialenheten took an interest for the days where Jensen has made multiple smaller cash deposits on the same day. This should have happened on at least two occasions.

Deposits will as a rule have been between 4000 and 4500 crowns, and should have been made through bank and post in the shop, according to Dagbladet information.

Strengthened the suspicion

In a ruling from the Oslo district court in may 2014 it was revealed that Jensen over a four-year period made cash deposits for a total of 303 576 $ different places.

Eirik Jensen's secret life as a police officer: the Harrowing conflicts, fights with bosses and controversial methods Dagbladet Plus

- sometimes several deposits on the same day. Two amounts were inserted the day after he had had a meeting with Cappelen. Also this has Jensen provided an explanation, however, the court agrees with the Spesialenheten in that this is a situation that it may be necessary to look at and which can, in principle, strengthen a suspicion against Jensen, the court concluded the time.

Defender for the narkodømte Bærumsmannen, Gjermund Cappelen, do not want to comment on this.

- This is not something my client has explained, and I don’t want to contribute to something that will bear the stamp of forhåndsprosedering in the media, ” says attorney Benedict de Vibe to the Newspaper.

Scheduled separate meetings

ever since he was arrested in December 2013 has Gjermund Cappelen in interrogation after interrogation explained about the alleged, secret collaboration he had with polititoppen Eirik Jensen.

Jensen, who is accused of complicity to the importation of 13,9 tonnes of cannabis resin were in the period 2004 to 2013, and to have embraced the values of nok 2.1 million, refuses straffskyld. He claims the contact he has had with Cappelen due informantvirksomhet.

Cappelen presented the list of requirements in avhør: - Wouldn't møte Eric Jensen in the court­

Cappelen, that is medtiltalt for corruption and gross drug offences, has faced Spesialenhetens investigators explained in detail how Jensen through the years, is alleged to have contributed with information which secured his very lucrative hasjsmuglervirksomhet. A smuggling networks which according to him stood for the arrival of the 25-30 tonnes of cannabis resin to the Uk, to a value of 125 million.

According to Cappelen himself, and his son was heleridømt, should Jensen have received 500 kroner per kilogram of hashish in return for that he assisted the Cappelen.

to His defense, Benedict de Vibe, says the payment always took place after the same pattern.

- Jensen was on every occasion the money is handed over directly from Cappelen. They had agreed to the meetings where Jensen got the cash, they say the Vibe to the Newspaper.

Sales of motorcycles

Jensen’s explanation of kontantsummene he also has been among others that he had as a hobby to buy motorcycles, putting them in better condition and sell them on.

He has also bought and sold other assets on the Find. Jensen has also stated that he had the need to have the cash readily available, in case he had to escape quickly because of a trusselsituasjon. Jensen has for several years lived with threats from various criminal environments.

DEPOSITS: After the Dagbladet experience has Spesialenheten looked more closely at cash deposits that Eirik Jensen should have done in the aftermath of these meetings. Photo: NTB Scanpix Show more
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