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Ulveaksjonistene did not receive recognition in klimaministeren – VG

Klimaminister Vidar Helgesen (H) did not ulveaksjonistene something they could take home with them from the meeting in the afternoon. – He did not come with something new, ” says mayor Rune Støstad (Ap).

I wish you could say something that we can take with us back. We sober minded østerdøler can’t go to Oslo without having something with no home again, ” said Sissel Frang Rustad to klimaminister Vidar Helgesen (H).

In 20 years, the Rustad been a member of the Right, but right before christmas reported the former deputy chair of the Beef Right out of the party. The reason was klimaministerens decision to cut the licence of the wolf from 47 to 15 animals.

While protesters drummed and chanted outside the Climate – and miljødepartementet, met with minister Rustad and five other representatives of the jakttilhengerne. They told Helgesen why they believe the decision his wrong.

– There are 50 wolf only in my municipality. This does something to people. They dare not let the kids go to the school bus, and parents are encouraged to drive students to school, ” said Rustad in the meeting.

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Lost 130 hunting dogs

the Leader of Norges Jeger – og Fiskerforbund in Norway, Knut Arne Gjems, has over 10,000 members. They have, according to Gjems lost 130 hunting dogs to wolves.

– We notice that there is a high conflict level now. There are many who feel deceived. Although I had prepared the licence throughout the fall when this decision came, he said to Helgesen.

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the Climate and miljøminister Vidar Helgesen (H) are, however, clear – the decision to not shoot the 32 wolves is still stuck

I understand the frustration that many feel over the situation they are in. We see it in Norway, but also in all the parties that stand behind the ulveforliket in Parliament, says Helgesen at a press conference:

I also understand that it is about more than feelings. If visiting areas within the ulvesonen, one sees that it is realiterer, add Helgesen, and shows that ways of life change because of ulvesonen.

He promises that the future will be a low threshold for giving permission to trap the wolf who is exercising damage:

– It is not ruled out to trap the wolf. We are going to have a low strait (and we will consider to lower it further. At the same time, we will strengthen efforts to assess and monitor the population. If a wolf acts threatening close to a nursery or another population, we will not hesitate to take it out, ” said Helgesen.

Finally, he says that the decision to not allow lisensjakt on 32 wolves in ulvesonen in Hedmark, standing.

the Fight continues

Just after the meeting with jaktforkjemperne, went klimaministeren right in a meeting with the Conservative partners in the ulveforliket in Parliament.

We are in a challenging situation between bestandsmål and settlement, and a law that the same Parliament has adopted. Now we need to find solutions that make it possible to control against bestandsmålet which Parliament has set. That I’m going to discuss with forlikspartnerne, said Helgesen.

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When he had gone and østerdølene stood again together with the pressefolkene, was the mood subdued. The mayor of Nord-Fron, Rune Støstad (Ap), mean it not got something new out of the meeting.

We hear that the outside is the thousands and trampling, and drums. There they have every reason to. We must continue the fight. Here is a government that first and foremost takes into account the wolf, and not that it should stay the people of the whole country, ” he says to VG.

do not Believe in klimaministeren

That klimaministeren opened for lowering the threshold for giving permission to felled as nuisance, impressed neither Støstad or the other meeting participants.

we have heard before. It don’t think I’m on anymore. Here we have to have results. We need to see a government that really will meet the expectations stortingsforliket has created. It must be the minister and the government take seriously in much greater degree, ” says the mayor.

– What do you think will be the outcome of this case?

– I think the minister should explain himself in Parliament. I think Helgesen is going to be pushed around. The government is under strong pressure, and it confirmed Helgesen also. This is a difficult case, and we must ensure that it does not become any easier in the future, laws Støstad.

Returns to the Right if Helgesen change your mind

Also ex-høyrepolitiker Sissel Frang Rustad believes the meeting was as expected and that it didn’t come anything new from klimaministeren.

In the meeting, delivered I’m back “the gift” as he came to with 20. December. We do not have. We will have something else, but we were not in the day, she says to VG.

– What with the promise of lower threshold for felled as nuisance?

– It is not the way reality is. When a wolf goes into in the courtyard or attacks animals, does it take a long time before we get fellingstillatelse, and then the wolf have done a lot of damage, says Rustad.

– What is that you enroll in the Right again?

as soon As the decision from 20. December will be cancelled, do I sign up again. If the Right will have me. I have been a keen local politician in over 20 years, but this caused the cup to overflow, ” says Rustad.


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