Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Avalanche on Hovden – Norwegian broadcasting corporation

We think we have clarified that there was one person who moved into the rasområdet and triggered the avalanche. We have been in contact with the person, ” says operasjonsleder Jon Kvitne in Agder police district.

It was just before the clock 13 on Wednesday that it was turned full alarm. A guest in the hafjell alpine centre in Hovden as avalanche will be triggered and notified thereby to the emergency services. It was quickly initiated an extensive search.

at the Top of the hafjell alpine centre

Avalanche went way up in the alpine ski resort, between the slopes Bratthenget and the eye of the needle. The chair lift was closed after the landslide happened.

the Avalanche was reported to be approximately 60 times 30 metres. Managing director Sture Pilegård at the Hovden alpine centre said to NRK shortly after it was observed tracks into skredområdet. So they decided to summon the emergency services.

Police have now concluded that it is not people in the avalanche.

Photo: referrer

More dogs in the search

There have been large crews involved in the search. Among other things, fjellredningsgruppen which are stationed at Hovden, local fire departments and employees at the Hovden alpine centre.

A dog handler from the Norwegian redningshunder have helped in the search as well as a lavinehundfører who arrived with the rescue helicopters from the Sola.

It was gone this was considered through the entire rasområdet without the discoveries of people.

No taken by avalanche

the emergency Services took no chances and held on with the search until one with certainty could say that there were people who were taken by the avalanche.

Just after the clock 15 concluded the police that no persons were taken by the avalanche.

the manager of the Hovden Alpine centre AS, Sture Pilegård, is crystal clear on what triggered the avalanche. – An avalanche was triggered by a guest who went in the parts of the plant that are not prepared, ” he says.

the manager of the Hovden Alpine centre AS, Sture Pilegård, can breathe a sigh of relief after it became clear that there are people in the avalanche of Hovden. (Arkivbilde)

Photo: Siv Kristin Sællmann / NRK

– one of the things we fear the most

He says the avalanche is one of the hafjell alpine centre fear the most.

the Facility has daily skredvarslinger by the elevators. It should provide sufficient information about the avalanche danger, believe Pilegård.

We make an assessment of the avalanche every morning, before the guests come out in the facility, ” he says.

the Signs informs about the faregrader from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest faregrad. He believes faregrad 2 and 3 can represent the most dangerous notifications, because the danger is present, while it may not be perceived to be imminent to the public.

Relax with the horror

as far As I understand now, let both the guest and us all with the horror. We must let this be a warning that one must exercise extreme caution when moving outside the groomed trails, ” says Pilegård.

It was gone this was considered through the skredområdet without the discoveries of people.


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