Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gard Steiro takes over as commander in VG – Bergens Tidende

Torry Pedersen (59) resigns as editor-in-chief of VG. Gard Steiro (40), the former editor in Bergens Tidende, takes over.

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After 15 years in The new york times, in the last three years as editor-in-chief, went Gard Steiro over the mountain to become vg’s news editor in 2015.

Monday, 9th. January takes over for him as editor-in-chief and ceo of VG after Torry Pedersen.

– It is a large responsibility, an onus of responsibility, as I had to think carefully on whether I would take on me. At the same time, there is a possibility. I am a journalist and passionate about journalism, and here I get the opportunity to contribute to the very much exciting journalism in the next few years, ” says Steiro to BT.

Should still stay in Bergen

Steiro has previously worked as a journalist in Askøyværingen and Bergensavisen, before he joined BT, where he has been a journalist, magasinansvarlig, nyhetsleder, news editor and finally editor-in-chief.

When he joined BT in 2015, he was ukependler between your home in Sædalen and VG-job in Oslo. It should he continue with.

I have many challenges ahead of me, and commuting is far down on the list, ” says Steiro.

Speaking of challenges: It’s tough times in the media industry, also for the VG, which cut 40 employees in the last year?

I think VG as with all the other stands in front of big challenges, fundamental shifts that have the power to change the entire media industry. The job is to adapt in the best possible way.

– How do you do it?

– we are Able to deliver good journalism and good content, and get this out to the readers, I think we shall succeed. VG has the best prerequisites to succeed.

– Have clever people around me

Dobbeltrollen as both editor-in-chief and managing director is a new experience, but Steiro think it should go well.

– I have been in the management team in the BT and in the management team here and know the business well, and have talented people around me. Such dobbeltrolle is extra demanding, but it is still redaktørgjerningen which is the primary.

– Now you have worked a year and a half in VG and Oslo, how is it different from BT and Bergen?

The big difference is the throttle in any way and sakstilfanget. VG is larger and there are far more matters you need to keep track of, an eternal stream of continuous news that will be covered through the whole day, and several major issues. It was also one of the reasons I wanted to go to the VG to get the opportunity to work with more and larger projects. Otherwise it is not so different. VG is like with BT a competent and inclusive organization with a high level of ambition.

Tradition of internal change

The employees of VG was informed about the change of editor-in-chief and managing director of a allmøte Wednesday.

IN the VG we have a tradition for that redaktørskiftene happens internally. It happened the first time when Bernt Olufsen was editor in 1994. It also happened when I took over for him in 2011 and now when the Gard takes over for me, ” says Torry Pedersen to the NTB.

He believes Steiro is well qualified for the task.

– Gard is, in turn, very competent. He has helped to lift us in turn in the soon as a half years he has been here. Gard is so young that he has grown up with the digital. It is essential as we go forward. He has stood in the storm as a senior executive in the arts and has understood that reform and innovation are important in the media industry, ” says Pedersen.

the Ceo of Schibsted, Norway, Didrik Munch, says in a news release that the Gard Steiro “is undoubtedly the right candidate to take over as the chief of our largest media houses”.

– In the Gard gets the VG an exceptionally strong publicist and skilled leader. He has in recent years demonstrated a unique ability both to lead newsrooms in transition and promise of journalism, ” says Munch.

– Large shoes to be filled

Even says Steiro that he is humble of his new responsibilities and stresses that there are big shoes to be filled by Torry Pedersen.

– VG goes for the conditions very well. The strategy going forward, I have been involved in designing together with Torry Pedersen, so I don’t have the ambition to change the course of the night, ” says Steiro to the NTB.

vg’s ability to maintain its position among the readers and is, according to the new sjefredaktøren completely dependent on the strength journalism.

– We are dependent on a good economy to create good journalism. It is crucial for the VG that we manage to strengthen the journalism, that we manage to set the agenda and provide relevant content, ” says Steiro.

Torry Pedersen will now lead Schibsted’s publishing operations in Norway, and is chairman of the board of VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen.

– To be chief in VG and has taken all my time and tankekraft and I am the editor-in-chief until Sunday evening. Overall it will be about that we are able to make use of the journalistic resources we have in Schibsted in the most efficient way possible. But I have not put myself more into the puzzles than that, ” says Pedersen, who has been editorial director at VG since 1988.


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