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- Pedophiles get a lighter sentence – “

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In an interview with VG ” says Lars Harnes (48) that he was placed in solitary confinement for the to have bullied fellow prisoners who have been convicted of sexual abuse against children. He is very critical of the management at Ila prison.

Ila prison mean that you don’t have added from a criminal way of thinking before one accepts pedophiles. This mindset and attitude towards pedophilia has nothing to do with the criminal way of thinking to do, ” says Bandidos-the profile of the newspaper.

- It’s all about the strong feeling loathing towards people who, for incomprehensible reasons make severe acts against the most innocent. I believe this is a strong feeling and thought among non-criminals. In addition, many inmates even hit as a child, which makes it extra special, ” he continues.

the 48-year-old is convicted several times, including for armed robbery and rough violent crimes. He is now in custody, charged with planning a murder of Imran Saber, alias “Uncle Scrooge”. Harnes believe that pedophiles should zone on their own departments.

According to the Harnes have other inmates tøle rougher treatment than pedophilia, which he believes is protected by the betjentene and get a lighter sentence.

Ila prison believes that a good environment in the department is tantamount with that of the three pedophiles inmates who sit there, are satisfied, ” says Harnes.

prison director Knut Bjarkeid, says to VG that he did not want to go in dialogue with the Harnes.

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