Saturday, January 14, 2017

The missing woman is found dead – NRK

Police have sperrest of the park at Skansen in Trondheim, norway.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

the Rescue operation is completed. The police have not suspected it to be anything criminal behind dødfallet.

Police, fire brigade, Red cross and the Norwegian redningshunder has since last night had a larger search group consisting after a 67-year-old woman.

It was the night of Saturday that relatives notified police about the missing woman.

the Search has been going on since in the night

the 67-year-old has not disappeared from his domicile in this way before, informs the police.

Police started a search group consisting by Hospitalløkkan by the Isa, and the search for the woman lasted all night and the exploration is conducted still with large forces. The fire department has also applied with the boat after the woman.

the Red Cross was put into the search for the woman in the night.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

” We have worked out the Red Cross in the night, and in addition to our own dogs is also Norwegian redningshunder inserted in the search. There is still a search group consisting of the time. It is also inserted several volunteers eventually, said operasjonsleder by Sør-Trøndelag Kirsten Bergstrøm to NRK earlier in the day.

Asked for help from the audience

We want that the residents in the areas Hospitalløkka, the Island of, Isa, and around which can check the stalls and such and be a little observant, ” said Bergstrøm to NRK earlier in the day.

the Search for the 67-year-old woman is still in progress. The police also ask the public for help.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK


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