Saturday, January 14, 2017

Contrary to the presidency delayed the hush-evaluation in the months – Aftenbladet.en

Oslo (NTB-At H. Bjerve): the Controversy about the duty of confidentiality did that evaluation, the Parliament had ordered the EOS-committee’s work was delayed by many months.

the EOS-selection would not drop evalueringsutvalget in their archives without what they believed was the proper statutory basis.

the EOS-selection process, and holds some of the most sensitive information in the kingdom about the secret services ‘ work. We have very strict requirements for how we should behave and relate to the information. We would assure us that a new committee with many new members had the same legislative foundation, says Eldbjørg Løwer. She has led the who formally named The kontrollutvalg for intelligence, surveillance and security service since 2011.


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