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Swedish kongeekspert: – Surprised that the letter did not come from Marius even – VG

crown princess Mette-On (43) the invitation to the press to let his son Marius Borg Høiby (20) be in peace, raising a stir among the international kongeeksperter. The am baffled that the message does not come from Høiby himself.

on Thursday published the castle of an open letter of crown princess Mette-Marit (43), where she asks the media to stay away from his son, Marius Borg Høiby (20).

“The last couple of years have been characterized by a development that I, as a mother, of course, would be without. Marius has been exposed to a pressure from parts of the Norwegian press, I mean not them worthy”, writes, among other things kronprinsessen.

the Letter came the day before his son fills 20 years.

17. January move Høiby to the united STATES to start a study in economics and administration in California. One of the reasons that he raises should be in order to drop away the Norwegian press.

Background: Mette-Marit shelves Marius in the 20th anniversary

aftonbladet’s kongeekspert Jenny Alexandersson is surprised that the letter comes from kronprinsessen, and not Høiby himself.

I was surprised that it is his mother, and not he himself that comes with this statement, if it now is so that he is so concerned about the press coverage. After all, he is 20 years old, and I am convinced that he had been able to give the press a good explanation if he wants more distance to the media, says Alexandersson to VG.

Parts even in social media

Friday, ” head of communications at the Castle, Marianne Hagen, opposite the VG that it is Marius’s personal desire to be in peace, and not a play based on the Kongehusets desire.

– Marius has no desire to be celebrity, and that he should have the right to decide for themselves. He wants really isn’t it. Marius has explicitly instructed me on many occasions to provide clear information to the media who want to write about him, that he does not want it, ” says Garden.

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The Swedish kongeeksperten believe that Høibys activity in social media does not match with his desire to not be referred to by the press.

My impression of Marius is not that he has disliked or tried to hide from the attention. In that case, had he not been so open and shared so frequently on social media, and allow so many followed him. It is not difficult to unlock their account, so that only his family and closest friends can accompany him, ” says Alexandersson.

Høiby is active on both Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. On the former billeddelingstjeneste he has over 40,000 followers, and here he shares frequent photos of himself and his friends.

Alexandersson don’t think that the media going to stop writing about Høiby, even if kronprinsessen ask about it in the open letter.

I think the Norwegian and foreign press will continue to write about Marius when it is appropriate to do so. The interest kjølner a little now as he moves to the united STATES, but it also depends on how Marius handles it all and what he lets the world see his life through social media, ” she says.

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The british author and kongereporteren Phil Dampier, who has followed the british royal family for 30 years, believes that the kronprinsessen can’t ask the press to stay away from his son.

I think it is unrealistic of kronprinsessen to expect that newspapers and magazines not to write about her son, ” he says.

If the duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, 35) had a son from a previous relationship, so it would have been a great deal of interest around him, and I want to believe that the british press would have written about him, ” adds Dampier.

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Kongereporteren believes that the best kronprinsessen can do is to try to control the media situation around the son. He proposes to give the press access to photograph Høiby on a few occasions in the united STATES, so that it will dampen the interest for the other images.

I don’t know how much interest there is for the Norwegian royal in the united STATES, but no matter what, there will always be paparazzifotografer there that want to sell images to the whole world, ” says Dampier.

Toppløsbilder of the Kate

The british kongereporteren pulls forward toppløsbildene taken by duchess Kate in France, as an example of how difficult it is for royalty to control the foreign press.

– William and Kate will spend many years to go to court against the French photographers after they took toppløsbilder of Kate when she is sunning himself on holiday, he says, and continues:

– If there are taken pictures of Marius in the united STATES, is it worth the price and the time to fight against?

It was in 2012 that toppløsbildene was taken by a paparazzifotograf as snikfotograferte hertugparet in the South of France. The French magazine Closer printed the pictures, and it also did the Italian, Swedish and Danish magazines.

William and Kate to the defendant, the French magazine of the French legal system.

Medieviter: No one can opt out from the press

the Expert on the press ethics Gunnar Bodahl-Johansen believes there is no automaticity in that the press should write about Marius just because he is active on social media.

Just because he has posted things online does not mean that the press can write almost whatever they want about Marius. It is not right no matter what the independent decisions he has made, says Bodahl-Johansen and add.

Even though he is formally not a part of the royal family, he is a person it is associated with considerable interest, and it must he live with.

–you Can opt-out of the press?

–No, no one can opt out from the press.

Why not?

–Because the press has a superb location, it is central in the freedom of the press that the press gets to write about what they want. At the same time, they have a pressefaglig range and be careful the poster that they need to relate to, but even it does not have any power above a Norwegian editor. When the royal family or ordinary people are interesting to the public is the press free to write about them.

Why has Marius relevance to the public?

–We have a monarchy that has elevated and privileged roles in society, and it legitimizes the public interests for them.

Bodahl-Johansen believes that despite the fact that Marius has 40.000 followers on Instagram does not mean that the press is without responsibility for what they would bring on. He believes, nevertheless, kronprinsessen should have been clearer on who and what she criticizes in the letter.

–do you Understand Kronprinsessen as a mother?

–Yes, but she must understand that she is the crown princess, and that means she has a position of power, and then it is problematic that she is so vague. The royal meetings, for example, never up in the public space and answer critical questions, ” says Bodahl-Johansen.


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