Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sophie Elise langer out against Sylvi Listhaug: – Now fuck me enough! – TV 2

the Case is about bioingeniøren Mahad Adib Mahamud, who loses the right to work, after having been 17 years in Norway. He has taken education, bought a house and lived until recently, a good life.

But now claim to UDI that he lied to the Norwegian citizenship. Mahad was 14 years old when he came alone to Norway.

Mahad has documents showing that he is from Somalia, but UDI says that he comes from the neighbouring Djibouti. It denies the djiboutiske authorities, who do not want to accept that he is sent there. Thus he must live as stateless in the Uk, without any rights.

– I can’t go to the doctor if I get sick. I don’t have social security numbers that can prove who I am, ” says the 30-year-old to the TV 2.

Races against Listhaug

Innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug has given the UDI more money to investigate the old cases, take those who have cheated, and send them out – no matter how long they have been in the country.

Sophie Elise Isachsen react sharply after having seen the report about Mahad.

– Here is a man who has worked and taxed to Norway for several years – has taken the education, built houses and had families, which is a lot more than one can say about many other people in this country, she writes in a post on his blog with the headline “Now it’s fuck me enough!”.

Want to do something

If Listhaug, she is not very gracious unto thee:

It amazes me that she has time to come with so many contradictions in the course of a week for a busy life. I’m angry, and it’s annoying to start on the wrong way, so that now.

– Now has one of the very many people who actually contribute to this country lost their right here. Is there anything I can do? Can I seriously do anything, I have very bright, she writes.

Ask about blogs-rebellion

the Blogger describes that she looks at Listhaug that “rar” and writes further:

The first thing I get up in my head is the picture of she is and splash in the sea to feel in your body how it is to be a refugee who crossed a sea. Exactly what element is the most idiotic I have ever seen in my entire life.

Isachsen encourage more bloggers to engage in the matter.

– Or are people afraid to lose sponsorpengene her, she asks.

Ask the bloggers engage

TV 2 has asked Sylvi Listhaug about to comment on the case, but the ministry of Justice and beredskapsdepartmenetet has not yet responded to our request.

At his public Facebook profile, type Listhaug that “TV 2 depicts this as a hjerterå case, and I understand well why people react!”.

Listhaug writes that it “is not so that people will be deprived of the citizenship without proof. There is also the slk that they can take the matter further to both the House and the courts”. The minister accuses the Labour party for liberalizing her politics, something the Ap on their side reject.

in Conclusion she writes that “those who cheat to stay and citizenship must be discovered and sent out because it is both sensible and fair.”


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