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Mahad Adib Mahamud (30) loses the citizenship after 17 years in Norway: – Thank you … – Aftenposten

on Friday, told TV 2 the history of the Mahad Adib Mahamud (30), a bioingeniør who works at the Oslo university hospital and who after 17 years in Norway is going to lose citizenship.

– I’m working still, but 20. January I could lose my citizenship, my right to work. From then on I am stateless, ” says Mahamud to Aftenposten.

– Then is the end, ” he says.

Thank you for all the support

After his story became known he has gained enormously with support from the Norwegian people.

– the Norwegians are kind. I want to thank you for all the warm support, ” says Mahamud.

the Trial of Mahamud comes up 21. February, something he looks forward to. Nevertheless, he distressed that he will not be allowed to work until then.

I’m going to lose the position of my Response..

Abdirahman applying for a job with a disability. He has somali parents. the

Began with anonymous tips

Mahamud tells us that everything began with that UDI received an anonymous tip that he really is from Djibouti, not Somalia, so he even gave us 17 years ago. The UDI believes that he lied about the citizenship when he came to Norway.

Mahamud came to Norway as a 14-year-old, completely alone. He says that he grew up in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia.

We lived in the southeastern part of the city, right by the airport. Dad worked as a mechanic in the air force, ” says Mahamud.

When he was five years old, war broke out. He fled to Ethiopia with his family. Since he fled on to Norway.

the Embassy of Djibouti refuses to accept Mahamud, thus, he is now stateless.

“I have a letter from the authorities in Somalia, which confirms that the documents I have given UDI is true,” says 30-year-old.

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“Those who cheat must be sent out”

On behalf of Sylvi Listhaug, the UDI now through old cases to find the people who lied about their citizenship when they came to Norway. Listhaug wish that those who have lied should be deprived of his citizenship, regardless of how long the da has been in the country.

Immigration and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug has now commented on the matter on his Facebook page:

“TV2 represent this as a hjerterå case, and I understand well why people react! It is not so that people are deprived of citizenship without proof. It is also so that they can take the case further, both the appeals board and the courts.”

“Those who cheat to stay and citizenship must be discovered and shipped out. It is both sensible and fair.”

Fear and anxiety in immigrant communities

Asyladvokat Arild Humlen says that the Norwegian authorities now spreading fear and anxiety in immigrant communities:

– It is not led evidence that Mahad Adib Mahamud has explained himself incorrectly. When who you call, is friends with on Facebook, or give money is evidence of where you come from, we would roads. I think it is a serious scandal that we as a nation now protects us out in the obscene, ” says Humlen.

– Is there any difference if the child who provides the information is above or below the criminal age of consent?

After the criminal code “yes”, but in the public administration act, there are no such age restrictions.

Since 2012, the UDI deprived 135 asylum seekers to their Norwegian citizenship. Have so far only nine of these have been sent out of the country.

Iraq and Somalia make up the largest groups.

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