Thursday, January 12, 2017

Serious accusations against the stortingspresidenten – VG

the control committee accuses the presidency of embezzling an important report from the Parliament’s own supervisory body for intelligence, surveillance, and security.

the Committee accuse the presidency for having given itself authority to set aside the confidentiality of the EOS range, which leads to the control of the secret services.

It was the imf which first publicized the case.

October: Stjernesmell for the Parliament – building project cracks with 700 million

the Presidency underslo information to the Parliament

in the Autumn of 2014 has The presidency and the Parliamentary kontrollutvalg for intelligence, surveillance and security service (EOS range) over longer time been in dialogue about Solbakken-the committee’s access to the branded documents. Solbakken-committee was set up to evaluate the EOS-selection, and had thus a need to get access to this information.

In December 2014 sending the EOS-selection a so-called special report to the Parliament. Here it is evident that the EOS-committee wants a statutory duty of confidentiality for all who should have access to the information, also Solbakken-selection. The committee writes that they believe they will break confidentiality if they allow Solbakken-selection see the information they need to be able to evaluate the EOS-selection.

In January 2015, promotes the presidency by Parliament a bill that says just that. They fail however to mention the background for the bill. 29. January will be taken up in Parliament, but no one asks about the word, and the law is unanimously passed. Nevertheless, it is no other than the presidency of the Parliament who know about the background of the law. A week’s time after the law is finished.

Then select the presidency to attach the particular message from December in the protocol. In other words, it’s added away, without that the Parliament is informed. It is only now, nearly two years afterwards, that Parliament has got to know about this.

– Provides clear signals

a Member of the control committee for the Progress party, Gjermund Hagesæter, experience letter as unusually strong to be an internal letter in Parliament.

– This gives clear signals, and I think they are clearer than that which is common to send within the Parliament, ” he says.

Kontrollkomiteens leader Martin Kolberg (Ap) says to VG that he does not see this as accusations, but rather the questions it is important to ask in connection with the treatment of the evaluation of the EOS-committee’s work will soon come up in Parliament.

– It is given a recommendation on this matter from the presidency, and the soon to come up in Parliament. It concludes that the president wants to review the law in this area. Therefore, we want to go more into it as recorded in the letter from the control committee, says Kolberg to the VG.

Kolberg says that the letter was sent from a unanimous committee also proposed.

– Now we await the presidency’s response, ” says Kolberg.

– Not good parliamentary manners

a Member of the control committee for the center party, Per Olaf Lundteigen, says to VG that he experiences the situation as serious.

– In the question of whether Solbakken-the committee had a need for a separate legal basis for access to classified information, believed the presidency that it was not necessary, but that they themselves could just decide that they should get.

He seems especially the way the presidency handled the special message, not to present it for the Parliament, is special.

It is in any case not good parliamentary practice, ” he says.

Stortingspresidenten can according to the NTB not comment on the case because the letter is not treated in the Parliament.


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