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Close the doors in the Jensen case. – Read out the threatening letter in the right – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): Spesialenheten have long warned that the trial of Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen will go for the closed doors during parts of the proceedings.

the Question was so treated by the Oslo district court on Thursday afternoon. The court decided to close the doors when Jensen will explain about contact with Cappelen in the weeks before the arrest of the hasjbaronen Monday. This means that neither the press or the public may be present.

Right justify it with security reasons, to both the defendant and to other people who are going to be mentioned by name in court.

Read out the threatening letter

the Newspaper gets confirmed that a threatening letter was read during the negotiations on the closed doors.

the Letter should have been sent to Cappelen when he sat at Ila prison last summer. It should also have been sent to cappelen in his defense Benedict de Vibe.

In the letter to one of the criminals mentioned in one of the matters to be taken up in court, come with clear threats against Cappelen and his defense. The letter should have been read up to point out what kind of situation Cappelen can come up in about this part of the explanation to go for open court.

- run the Risk of persecution and reprisals

Tingrettsdommer Kim Heger writes in the ruling from the Oslo district court: “It is shown that there are specific circumstances that give reason to fear that the defendant and others risk persecution or reprisals if the contents of the parts of Jensen’s explanations are known to others, and that this can also obstruct the proceedings, the enlightenment, and that the closed doors, therefore, is required”.

Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen refused to greet when they met each other for the first time in three years in Oslo courthouse. Video: Sveinung U. Ystad Show more

“the Court finds that in the present case the existence of a qualified and specifically justified fear that some of the information in Jensen’s explanation, which is necessary that going forward for the right, will be able to expose the defendant and others from persecution or reprisals if the content in this part of the explanation is known to the general public.”

In the ruling states also that it shall be important that these details come up for the right, and closed doors are deemed necessary for the case of enlightenment. According to the ruling it should be about specific events and names that have come up in the contact between the defendants.

the Desired open doors

Jensen’s defender, John Christian the Fire, has been clear that he would oppose the closed doors and that Jensen even wanted to explain himself, open the right. Spesialenheten and Cappelen even wanted that part of the negotiations to return for the closed doors.

Inge D. Hanssen from Aftenposten, the press representative, argued that the case should go for open doors as it is of significant public interest and that it probably is the most serious korrupsjonssake in the Norwegian politis history.

- It is an issue that affects the entire politietaten because it is that borgerens trust to the police, said Hanssen, who added that it is well known now that Cappelen has been Jensen’s source and informant, and that this has not gone beyond his and his family’s safety.

ON the WAY OUT: Eirik Jensen and his girlfriend Ragna Lise Vikre (t.h.) leaving the court after the first day. Outside rettslokalet was Jensen called “fucking pigs”. Video: Sveinung Uddu Ystad / Dagbladet Show more

- I see, however, that there may be something different for the safety of other politiinformanter from the criminal environments, people whose identity is not known, said Hanssen.

Since Friday is rettsfri day, they closed the doors the first turn into when Spesialenheten for police matters continues his questioning of the korrupsjons and narkotikatiltalte and now retired politioverbetjenten Monday.

What the prosecutors will examine in the section that it has filed for closed doors, is not known, but is about the time around pågripelsene medtiltalte Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen even. This happened respectively in December 2013 and February 2014, writes NTB.

Dagbladet commentator Martine Aurdal about Eirik Jensen’s explanation in the Oslo district Court. Video: Lars EIvind Bones / Dagbladet Show more

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