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The control committee dishes powerful guns against Thommessen: – It is the most … – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): the Norwegian Parliament’s control of the parliamentary scrutiny and constitutional committee dishes powerful guns against the president of the storting, Olemic Thommessen (H), which they believe has withheld key information about a serious conflict that the presidency was involved in.

Thommessen believes that although there is no basis for the criticism of the presidency is exposed to.

Serious accusations against the stortingspresidenten

In a letter sent to the presidency on Wednesday accuses the committee of the presidency for having given itself authority to set aside the confidentiality of the EOS range, which leads to the control of the secret services, according to the NTB.

It was the imf which first publicized the case.

- I have not experienced anything so severe in my time in Parliament, and have also not heard about something so serious after the war, ” says komitémedlem Per Olaf Lundteigen (Sp) to the Newspaper.

- It goes in essence that the president has tried to remove one of the mandatpunktene Solbakken-the committee should look at, and that the presidency, in several cases the opposite EOS-committee’s desire to have a separate legal basis for the sharing of classified information with Solbakken-selection, ” he says further.

This is the conflict:

In 2014 was the so-called Solbakken-the committee, led by Bjørn Solbakken, in the task to evaluate the The kontrollutvalg for intelligence, surveillance and security service (EOS range).

It led to a fight between the EOS-selection and the presidency of lovforståelsen when it came to granskernes access to confidential information that the EOS-committee members sitting on. The presidency sent a letter to the EOS range where it is independent of those of them from the obligation of confidentiality so that they could answer evalueringsutvalgets questions. But the EOS-the committee felt it could damage their credibility that this provision was not rooted at the elected officials, writes NTB.

- It is such a serious concern that we must listen closer to why these concerns were not relayed to the Parliament, ” says komitémedlem Michael Tetzschner (H) to the NTB.

SEVERE: – I have not experienced anything so severe in my time in Parliament, says komitémedlem Per Olaf Lundteigen (Sp). Photo: John T. Pedersen / Dagbladet Show more

Very serious

He points out that the committee take up the case because it shatters a towns ” culture of responsibility for the EOS-selection, and not as the control. The committee points out, however, in the letter that the presidency does not have the authority to decide questions about lovfortolkning.

the EOS-selection attempted to report to the control committee about the controversy, but the message was not sent to the committee. It was lying in seven weeks, before it was “referred, together with the other matters” in the February 2015.

“the Presidency can not in this way, without an explicit storting about to dispense from their own rules, lay claim on a case received at the Parliament”, called it in a letter the committee sent to the presidency on Wednesday and that the NTB has been given access to.

- Got to know by chance

Here asking the committee to get access to all the correspondence about the case and comments from stortingspresidenten, writes NTB.

the Parliament got to the end of processing a proposal from the presidency on a statutory basis which gave the EOS-selection allowed to share confidential information with the committee that was to investigate them, but without that the battle was behind, came up.

- the Mandate of the EOS range was expanded through a case that the control committee submitted to the Norwegian Parliament, where one would look at the surveillance from the foreign services on the Norwegian soil. It mandatpunktet thought stortingspresidenten that the Solberg-selection should not see. We were aware that this had happened by a mere coincidence, says Lundteigen to the Newspaper.

We have documented what has happened. It’s done things the control committee takes very seriously, he adds.

- is Not the basis for the kind of criticism

president of the storting, Thommesen believes there is no basis for the criticism committee of the dishes against the presidency.

It was the presidency’s responsibility to establish the selection and give the mandate, and also add the formal framework for the committee’s work. This was done after thorough evaluations, ” says Olemic Thommessen in a comment to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, adding:

- the Presidency believes there is no basis for the criticism, the committee agrees with, and will explain this in his answer to the committee.

View control

Kontrollkomitéleder Martin Kolberg (Ap) confirms to Dagbladet that the committee has approached the presidency.

Consistent: Komitéleder Martin Kolberg (Ap) says to Dagbladet that it is a unanimous committee has sent letters to the presidency. Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / Dagbladet Show more

A unanimous control has asked the presidency a few questions in connection with the treatment of the evaluation of the EOS range. We await now the presidency’s response, ” says Martin Kolberg (Ap) in a brief comment to the Newspaper.

Komitémedlem Jette Christensen (Ap) says on its page that it is not to talk about the specific allegations.

We come not with accusations, but we ask timely questions about the treatment to the Storting on important EOS-matters that the Parliament needs the answers to, write komitémedlem Jette Christensen in a text message to the Newspaper

Komitémedlem Gjermund Hagesæter (Frp) do not want to go into details, but says the committee expects a good feedback from the presidency.

the Letter is clear and a part krassere than it is usual to find in a letter sent internally to the Parliament, he says to Dagbladet.


* the EOS-selection is The kontrollutvalg for intelligence, surveillance and security services. The committee, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament in 1999 to take control of the secret services.

* the Selection causes an external and independent control of the secret services (EOS services) adheres to the Norwegian law – particularly to prevent illegal monitoring of individuals.

* the Committee has seven members and is chaired by former Left-politician and minister of defence Eldbjørg Løwer.

* the Selection has to meet with the Police security service (PST) every other month and can take up matters on its own initiative.

Source: EOS-selection.en / NTB

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