Monday, January 16, 2017

Rods Drammen “artery” in four weeks – NRK

Strømsåstunnelen shut completely at 21: 00 Friday 27. January until 10. February, writes the Norwegian public roads administration in a press release.

From 10. February 24. February the tunnel will only be closed at night, before it shut completely from at 21: 00 24. February and up to 10. march.

– We will be working around the clock throughout the week to make stengeperioden as short as possible, but the closure will give major challenges for many and we apologize, ” says Odd Grette, project manager at the Norwegian public roads administration.

Calculations show the chaos

In the press release urges the public roads administration drivers to run collectively, run together with a colleague, select other times than rush hour traffic or having a home office one or more days in the week.

” We’ve done calculations. And if we directly transmit traffic to other roads then it will be chaos, ” says Grettir to NRK.

He says that the public roads administration hope the information ensures that motorists can choose other paths and other opportunities.

The 3469 metres long Strømsåstunnelen runs between Drammen and chester city.

Photo: Norwegian public roads administration

Need to ensure the roof

During a rutineinspeksjon of the tunnel discovered the Norwegian public roads administration an area of the mountain that needs to be secured better than it is today.

– There is lots we must do something as a safety feature. It is quite extensive work. We need to take down part of the roof of the tunnel. Then bolt and secure so that it is safe to run there, ” says Grettir, and adds:

the Area we’re going to take down is 50-60 metres, and situated at the end of the tunnel, in the direction of chester city.

public roads administration emphasizes that it is not dangerous to drive in the tunnel.

– It is not dangerous to drive Strømsåstunnelen, but we choose to shut down and carry out works now because we will be in time with anleggsarbeider several places in Oregon that spring. In the beginning of February to begin the work in the fv. 282 Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons gate, and in march the plan is to start in the fv. 283 Rosenkrantzgata, explains Grettir.

the Norwegian public roads administration has known of the issue since before the summer holidays, but says there has been a lot of work on the current omkjøringsveiene to do anything for now.


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