Monday, January 16, 2017

No extra buses or trains during the dieselforbudet in Oslo – Aftenposten

It is not put in extra resources in oslotrafikken Tuesday, despite the fact that the Router expecting more travelers than normal because of the dieselforbudet.

basically, we are running as normal, for in the existing offer, there is no free capacity, ” says Gro Janborg in the Glass.

– to get exploited this capacity for the best possible, we urge all who can to travel before or after the peak rush hour, to do it or to take the home office.

Remember to calculate extra time, and be patient, encourage Routes.

Routes the request to the operating companies, if these measures:

  • Insert assistansebusser if it is full of buses and frakjøringer on some lines
  • That ekspressbusser stops at local stations to take with people if there are many travelers on the local lines to Oslo.
  • We remind you innfartsparkeringsplassene on Hvam, Vinterbro and Daisies, can be used. We have buses that are running fixed back stops by innfartsparkeringsplassene.
  • In addition, we will strengthen this nearby bus connections with the two extra buses running back innfartsparkeringene at Vinterbro and the Daisies.
  • We will have some beredskapsbusser deployed in the city centre that will be able to be put quickly into traffic when needed.

Believe in “Smedstad-tunnel effect”

our Experience from similar situations, such as the closure of Smestadtunnelen on the Ring 3, that trafikkavviklingen can go smoothly.

People came to the call we went out with in advance, so that the selected alternative reisemåter and that not all went at the same time. This invitation we hope that will be followed also the days of the temporary dieselforbud apply, ” says Janborg.

Glass is reminiscent of that reisegarantien apply.

Have extra buses on stand-by

But the Router will follow up on the traffic situation, and are prepared to put into action where it turns out that there are major problems.

the Problem is that it is difficult to predict how it will happen, ” says Janborg.

– We have a few buses in the contingency that we want to insert where we see that it happens. They will stand in central locations so that it becomes easy to put them in traffic.

It becomes an economic question how much extra that is to be inserted. Not if you are going to put more trains in the morning, and comes with the same recommendations as a Router when it comes to stay away from peak hours and calculate the good time.

NSB: Togtilbudet around Oslo is already very well

NSB is running as usual with the full capacity. Dieselforbudet do that there can be several travellers on some trains. But with so many trains, we do what we can for everyone to get forward, says pressevakt in the NSB, Life Eggebø, and continues:

Togtilbudet in and around Oslo is very good, with many departures on all stretches. It is among other things, departing every 10. minute at all stations between Asker and Lillestrøm. Use the travel planner to see departure times from the various innfartsparkeringene.

however, We recommend all travelers to calculate enough time, and it is smart to travel outside of rush hour for those who can.


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