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Decree in Oslo Tuesday: These can run with a diesel anyway – NRK


When debt forbodet?

From Tuesday 17. January between at 06.00–22.00, it is illegal for dieselbilar to walk on the municipal roads in the capital. They are high transboundary air pollution.

Forbodet against traffic with diesel car will last through to Bymiljøetaten considering that the need no longer is present.

Probably will forbodet last for about two days. Prognosane means: a more unstable vêrtype from Thursday, 19. January, something which probably will make the pollution less acute.

But this is it to the seventh and last Bymiljøetaten that determines. You can follow Bymiljøetaten their online and facebooksider to update you on forbodet still apply.

What you risk if you ignore dieselbilforbodet?

You risk to get a fee on nok 1,500 if you still drive the diesel car in the course of dieselbilforbodet. It is the police and the Norwegian public roads administration, which shall handheve forbodet.

Who the debt forbodet for?

All dieseldrivne vehicles that are not able to document one of the exceptions below.

These can drive yet

  • Heavy vehicles that use the Euro VI technology.
  • Vehicles classified as diesel ladbar hybrid and has an electric rekkevidd without the use of the internal combustion engine of at least 40 km.
  • Vehicles that will be used in the næringsverksemd and who can document køyrebehov on the day in question, for example those that deliver goods to Oslo.
  • transport of patients, it will mean the transport of patients to or from a hospital or doctor.
  • So that is to be used in the public service.
  • Driving to and from ferjetransport. The exception is meant to apply they should have with the car on the ferry, as well as those who have parked the car at the ferry port before borbodet was current.
  • Cars that transporterar a flyttingshemma person and have a valid apply for flyttingshemma (HC card).
  • Public transport
  • Vehicles with persontransportløyve.
  • Diplomatbilar.

Every debt forbodet?

Køyreforbodet debt all the municipal road network, including the Ring 2. This means most of the streets and roads in Oslo.

Where can you drive with a diesel car?

On these paths is it legal to drive with a diesel car:

  • Dial 3
  • E6
  • E18
  • RV 4 Trondheimsvegen
  • RV 163 East Aker road
  • RV 190 Strømsveien
  • Parts of the Ring 1, it will be signposted where forbodet liabilities.

Bymiljøetaten have made a map of the ways with dieselbilforbod.

Here is a map of where you actually are allowed to drive with a diesel car:

Loading map, please wait…

Here you can drive with a diesel car under forbodet.

Why is a decree?

According to the Bymiljøetaten, there are some days in the winter that the pollution is so high from the exhaust in Oslo that children with luftvegsjukdomar and adults with serious heart, vessels or luftvegssjukdomar should not walk out in the most polluted areas.

Dieselbilar has the highest eksosutsleppet of No2.

High short happens when there is introduced a temperaturinversjon. This happens when there is warmer air in the higher regions, for instance the older version, than it is down in the city. The cold air is heavier than warm air, and the warm air becomes snow like a locomotive over the cold. When there is little or no wind contribute to a very small replacement of the air.

the Purpose of dieselforbodet is to improve the quality of the air and with the refine helsebelastninga.

You can all the time monitor the air quality where you had to opphalde you on

It is in rushtida of the morning and early evening that the air quality is at it’s worst.

Photo: Holm Morten / SCANPIX


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