Monday, January 16, 2017

End the search without finding the missing woman – NRK

NORWEGIAN development ASSISTANCE: the Norwegian redningsmannskap work together with Swedish to look for the missing.

Photo: Jørn Gundersen-Fredriksen

All indications are that she is not alive, and we seek no more in the evening. We searched in the morning, but when we are looking for someone who is dead, ” says Kristoffer Ottosson at the Strömstad police to NRK.

It was just before the at 15 that it was turned alarm after it was heard cries for help at the Kornsjø the south of Halden, norway.

On the Swedish side of the border, it was found a crack in the ice, and redningsmannskap from Norway and Sweden started a search – and søkeaksjon.

According to the police is there to talk about a Norwegian woman who has gone through the ice.

the Place where the lead was found is located 1.4 kilometres south of the border crossing Kornsjø the south of Halden, informs the police.

Divers from the fire department in Fredrikstad responded and assisted in the search.

– It is sent a savnetmelding on a lady in the area. We have received notice about a lady who went on the trip with sparkstøtting. Dog her come back, and it was wet, ” says operasjonsleder Tom Sandberg in the Østfold-the police

ASSISTS: Monday afternoon in the woods divers from Fredrikstad fire department out to Kornsjø on the border between Norway and Sweden.

Photo: Mathias Lunde Kristoffersen / NRK

Kornsjø is a small village south of Halden municipality, and also the name of the lake located on the border between Norway and Sweden.

the Hamlet of Kornsjø is most famous for being the grensestasjonen on toglinja between Oslo and Gothenburg. The place where the lead is found located on the opposite side of the water from where the TV 2 program the Farm was recorded in the year-ago quarter.

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