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-Now it’s fuck me enough – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): In his latest blog post breeds Sophie Elise against innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug, after TV 2s case of Mahad who now lose the right to work after 17 years in Norway.

The renowned blogger has gone on the attack against Listhaug before, and this time the blogger had enough.

“I understand me not on her. The first thing I get up in the head, it is the image of that she is and splash in the sea to feel in your body how it is to be a refugee, who crosses the sea – just what the element is, incidentally, the most idiotic I have ever seen in my entire life, and I thought you were over throughout the chick at the time but then the wrong one can certainly me take, and she continues to get games. “, , write the blogger about when Sylvi Listhaug was in Greece with the Norwegian rescuers.

WATER: When Sylvi Listhaug visited Greece in april, she got a small taste of what awaits båtflyktningene who embarks on the perilous journey over the Mediterranean sea. Video: Øistein N. Monsen Show more

In the blog post shows Sophie Elise on to the matter of bioingeniør Mahad, who after 17 years in Norway, now lose the right to work. UDI claims that he lied to Norwegian citizenship when he came as unaccompanied minor asylum seeker, printer, 2 TV, and Sophie Elise is now pissed off that UDI has taken from him the Norwegian citizenship, and go to hard attacks against especially Listhaug.

Sylvi Listhaug: - You can't set up in nikab på job

“Sylvi has decided that there should be added several million additional dollars to the UDI every year to ettersøke about who may have lied on their applications in the past. HELLO IN FUCKINGS THE DOOR. Now have even one of the so very many who actually contribute to this country lost their right here. Is there anything I can do? Can I seriously do anything? I have very bright.”

Mazyar Keshvari, innvandringspolitisk the spokesperson for the progress party, says to Dagbladet that this is not about the Sylvi, and that we now have to stop to pull up prakteksemplene in such matters.

- This is not about a Sylvi-action. This is about dealing with Norwegian laws and regulations. It is sad that we have come there that it’s okay to lie about how you came to Norway. This is about the people who are lying about the ethnicity, it does not have anything with Sylvi to do, says Keshvari.

He believes we need to stop debating just individuals, and think it is a pity that only the resourceful people that pulled out in such cases.

- We can’t put laws and rules based on a popularitetstest. To premiere people with citizenship because they are pleasant and kind, being completely wrong, believe Keshvari. An enforcement of the law because some behave exemplary in the Norwegian society, is not the way to go. Believe all those who have raised themselves on this matter that there should be introduced an amnesty for all who have been here a certain length of time and have certain occupations? In that case, they must propose it, he says to Dagbladet.

- We need to have a new and honest debate about this. One can not automatically be in the Uk because you have been here long enough or because one will receive the compassion and sympathy for them, says Keshvari.

CAN’T PREMIERE WITH STASBORGERSKAP: Mazyar Keshvari, innvandringspolitisk the spokesperson for the progress party, believes you can’t premiere people with a citizenship just because they have behaved exemplary in the community. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix Show more

When the Newspaper did Mahad Adib Mahamud keep in mind your blog post to Sophie Elise, he believed it was wrong of her to go to the attack on Sylvi Listhaug.

” What has happened has happened. It is wrong to attack Listhaug. You can’t polarisere and say that Listhaug is the only one who is responsible for this.

Nevertheless, I can’t accept that people took from me my passport. It is here that I live and have lived for so many years. I was allowed to study here and and be anything. Now I want only that Parliament promotes a solution which means that we that is suspect, being taken up in court. Even I do not want to historical subject Sylvi, and think it is completely wrong. She is my minister and represents Norway, ” says Mahamud to the Newspaper.

It has not succeeded Dagbladet to get hold of Sophie Elise.

Sophie Elise

Sophie Elise is now nominated for the VIXEN Blog Awards, including in the category of this year’s strong opinion – much because of her criticism of posts.

the Award goes to the blogger who has identified themselves with one or more utterances that have helped to create increased awareness, engaged many to believe something and/or has led to a concrete change politically or socially, ” says editor in VIXEN, Ida Elise Eide Einarsdottir.

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