Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Garasjebrann in Oslo – six cars hit – the Newspaper.en

FINAL: At 17.35 notify the police innsatsleder Tore Barstad that the fire is out, and that OBRE driver etterslokking.

- Six vehicles are damaged, one is completely burnt out. It has probably begun to burn in the one car, and then have the fire spread to the others, ” he says.

Kriminalvakta is now on site and begin the investigation. Restrictions are about to be repealed.

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(Dagbladet): It burns in several garages on Storo/Sandaker north in Oslo, join the police on Twitter.

“It is very much toxic smoke in the area, keep a safe distance”, they write.

A neighbor of the garage tells us about the very foul-smelling smoke.

The central Grefsenveien is closed to all traffic from storo intersection you will see to Hans Nielsen Hauge’s gate.

- the Message came in at 16.45, and we are on the spot with five fire trucks, says Morten Bergh, vaktkommandør by Oslo fire – and redningsetat (OBRE), to the Newspaper.

a LOT of SMOKE: Large amounts of toxic smoke tip over the out from the garage at the Storo. Photo: Rune Skogly Nilsen Show more

Bergh stated that there are garages in a rekkeanlegg who stands in the fire.

- It burns in at least one vehicle, ” he says.

Police operasjonsleder Stones Hausvik oppjusterer at 17.18 the number of burning vehicles to two.

- We secure the place, so that no one goes past, he says.

Photo: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladet Show more
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